The Andris Lux Eco from Ariston is a small unvented electric water heater, encompassing leading Italian design, energy efficiency, durability, usability and safety. This premium model also boasts new features, including anti-legionella and anti-overheating functions.

Available in 10, 15 and 30-litre models, each with a 2.5kW element, Andris Lux Eco is perfect for a variety of specification-led locations, including commercial properties, building sites, kitchens, bathrooms or offices.

From an energy efficiency perspective, the hot water heaters feature Ariston’s ‘ECO EVO’ function – a new electronic control with automatic learning software, which enables users to achieve energy savings of up to 15%. Andris Lux Eco units also have an ErP ‘A’ rating across the range.

Andris Lux Eco has also been designed with ease of use in mind, featuring an advanced electronic temperature management system. This includes an electronic thermostat for precise temperature control and regulation, as well as user-friendly, intuitive display with simple button layout.

Once a month, the unit will automatically raise the temperature of the water stored inside it to 65°C, in order to eliminate the risk of legionella bacteria developing. Among the other safety features included with the Andris Lux Eco is an anti-overheating option which, in the event of an error, will shut off the heating cycle before it reaches too high a temperature. Similarly, the anti-freezing feature keeps the water at a minimum temperature of 5°C even when the unit is turned off (as long as it is plugged in). Plus, should there be a lack of water in the tank, a ‘dry heating auto-diagnosis’ detects this and prevents the heating cycle from starting and damaging the unit.

In terms of durability, the Andris Lux Eco has a special titanium enamelling, providing the tank with greater strength and longevity when compared to standard enamelling. Furthermore, a copper heating element offers greater protection against corrosion, while the composition of the component ensures a high and hygienic level of water purity. Durability is further bolstered by a robust four-bolt flange, allowing for easy operation, maintenance and/or repair.

The modern and elegant styling of the Andris Lux Eco was created by leading Italian industrial and automotive designer Umberto Palermo. Aesthetic features include a curved black front incorporating a smart, intuitive display, complete with LED temperature control.

Commenting on the small electric water heaters, Antonio Piana, Product Manager at Ariston, said “Andris Lux Eco is ideal for properties not on the mains gas grid, yet require small amounts of hot water. Its compact design allows it be installed in a variety of locations, while the plethora of on-board features ensure high levels of energy efficiency.”

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