Leading sensor manufacturer Sontay has launched SORA, its brand-new range of wireless sensors that bring unparalleled range and accuracy, to make all buildings smarter. The SORA range, which stands for Sontay Open Range Application, has been created to meet industry demand for wireless sensors as a result of the drive towards smarter buildings and infrastructure development.

The SORA range is powered by LoRaWAN wireless technology which enables long-range, secure and reliable connectivity in even buildings with thicker fabrics or layouts which would have been difficult for other wireless sensors. LoRaWAN is designed to wirelessly connect battery operated devices and is proven to go up to 10km without signal attenuation, ensuring consistent connectivity in building developments.

Speaking of the launch, Stacey Lucas from Sontay says: “We’re delighted to launch the SORA range of wireless sensors. LoRaWAN technology has really gained people’s confidence in wireless solutions, and it will mean many devices can now have ranges of 5KM or 10KM, which highlights its massive capabilities. The length of range formed part of our decision to name this new product SORA. Sora means ‘Sky’ in Japanese, which is an apt translation for how far the LoRaWAN wireless network can go!

Based on Sontay’s existing sensing range, the first SORA range comprises a selection of temperature, relative humidity and CO2 sensors, a LoRa to BACnet and Modbus gateway and a phone application for near field communication configuration of the sensors. The SORA gateway will provide options for use of cloud-based servers or local connection to the building management system.

The SORA range’s new LoRaWAN to BACnet gateway will help provide ease of upgrade of existing BMS to SORA devices. Coverage of tens of thousands of square feet will be enabled, providing brilliant connectivity.

The SORA range marks a key moment for Sontay as it continues to innovate products that meet the needs of its customers and ensure buildings perform efficiently.



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