Responding to the continual growth in popularity of versatile liquid applied waterproofing solutions, Sika has launched Monoflex LO, an innovative low odour waterproofing range for balconies, walkways and terraces.

Developed at Sika’s world-leading Global Technology Centre in Preston, the new liquid applied MonoFlex LO range harnesses Sika’s pioneering patented i-Cure technology within its polyurethane waterproofing element. This improved system maintains its high performance, workability and curing time, but with the odour-causing components engineered out. With this comes the benefits of lower emissions, reduced hazard classification and reduced occupational health risks during application.

By using this new advanced technology, which is now included in over 50 patented Sika products worldwide, Monoflex LO systems have a number of advantages for the architect, contractor, client and end user. Most notably, building occupants are not disturbed by unfamiliar odours during the application and curing of the solution. Whether that be on access walkways for sensitive areas such as social housing, hospitals or schools, buildings can remain occupied while external works are being carried out, meaning less logistical hassle for all parties.

Highly durable, Monoflex LO has a life expectancy of 25 years and comes in a range of colours, coatings and surface finishes, such as textured for slip resistance or buried beneath decorative tiles, allowing the architect to have design freedom.

It has also been launched with an ETA certificate covering the waterproofing element, providing third-party verification of high performance.


Fiona Irvine, Sika Product Engineer for liquid and bituminous membranes, said: “Unlike some systems in the marketplace that claim low odour utilising masking components, we’re proud that the new MonoFlex LO range is truly low odour, as evidenced by its Olfasense certification — an independent, comparative, sensory analysis service.

“It has also been tested across a wide range of performance criteria during our rigorous product development process to ensure it is incredibly safe and hardwearing, as is demanded for areas such as balconies and walkways. This means that we can subsequently offer this system with a range of attractive guarantee options.”


Manufactured here in the UK at the Sika facility in Preston — one of Sika’s key manufacturing sites in northern Europe exporting globally — specifiers and contractors can be confident that production and delivery will be both reliable and dependable.

Sika’s cold-applied liquid waterproofing membranes are part of Sika’s Roofing product portfolio, which provides three distinct roofing solutions for its customers: single ply membranes, liquid applied membranes and bituminous membranes from its leading brands — Sika Sarnafil, Sika Liquid Plastics, SikaBit and Sika-Trocal. From refurbishment to new build, Sika has the roofing system to perfectly fit the application and client requirements.


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