A commitment to deliver “world class customer service” has resulted in Marley Eternit being awarded the coveted ServiceMark accreditation from the Institute of Customer Service (ICS).

The accreditation from the ICS, the independent, professional membership body for customer service, means that Marley Eternit not only delivers a “world class service” but is committed to upholding those standards for its customers. This means continually striving to increase efficiency, using feedback to enhance and improve service and helping customers to have queries answered quickly and effectively saving them time and money.

During the assessment, Marley Eternit was commended for its innovations such as an on-line portal which makes it quicker and easier for customers to get in touch, its strong focus on and culture of continuous improvement, which uses feedback to put new initiatives into action, and placing customers at the heart of everything it does.

Marley Eternit joins household names such as Anglian Water, EDF Energy, Holland and Barrett and Which? that have been awarded the ServiceMark accreditation. The company became a member of the organisation in 2014 and since then has been striving to achieve the ICS’ top award, the ServiceMark accreditation.

Nicola Downes, supply chain director at Marley Eternit, says: “The ServiceMark accreditation is a result of all the hard work and care that the team put in to ensure excellent service for our customers. Our continual improvement of speed of service and delivery is designed to provide the best experience for our customers, so it is great to receive recognition for this.

“Achieving the ServiceMark standard lets our customers know we are committed to constantly improving our services, and finding new ways to increase speed of service and efficiency for them.”

As part of the three-stage accreditation process, the ICS carried out surveys with employers and employees for two consecutive years to understand better what customers want and how to get it. The final stage involved an independent assessor interviewing team members, conducting observations and checking written documentation to verify the company was meeting the benchmarks set and implementing action plans to develop areas for improvement.

The assessment highlighted the extensive training and coaching, compliance audits and competency checks that allow employees to better empower and support customers. The accreditation recognised that enquiries, information and complaints are all given a high priority and positive outcomes are generated quickly.

Jed O’Mara, management consultant at ICS and lead on the assessment, noted: “Our assessment showed us that Marley Eternit has sought to differentiate itself by seeking to achieve a world class customer service through working with the ICS. All employees questioned on this area had a sincere belief that this ambition is achievable and they are continually making good progress, which we have recognised through this accreditation.”

For more information, visit www.marleyeternit.co.uk or call 01283 722588.
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