Hundreds of new electricity pylons and thousands of miles of overhead cables are to be built across the UK, bypassing the local planning system, according to reports. The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero says the new infrastructure is needed so the UK can reduce its carbon footprint to net zero by 2035, reports the Telegraph.

The structures and cables will be used to carry electricity generated by wind farms – as they increase from generating 14GW of power to 50GW. The National Grid will face increased demand as new petrol and diesel cars are banned – meaning everyone has to charge their cars at home. It is estimated the country’s electricity use will increase by 50%.

Grant Shapps, the Energy Security Secretary, is said to be in support of plans submitted by National Grid that would shortcut the current planning system for installing new pylons and cables. That can currently take seven years.

The National Grid plans include a new 112 miles power line between Norfolk and Suffolk and 55 miles of line between North Humber and Nottinghamshire.

A spokesman for the department said:

“Since 2010, we have increased the amount of renewable energy capacity connected to the grid by 500 per cent – the second highest amount connected in Europe. We want to go further as part of our plans to power up Britain with cleaner, cheaper and more secure homegrown energy.

“That is why we’re working to cut the time it takes to connect projects, building upon work already under way by network operators and Ofgem.”

Source: Wales Online



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