With the recent introduction of the heat network (Metering & Billing) regulations for District and Communal heating systems, building owners, developers and Housing Associations must now ensure meters are installed in each dwelling to accurately measure energy use for residents. Prior to these regulations it was common place for residents to pay a flat rate for heating and hot water, which was not based on usage but just divided equally by all dwellings.

Evinox Energy offer a simple solution to meet the regulations with their PaySmart® pre-payment technology, which is inbuilt in every ModuSat® Heat interface unit. Not only is the technology integrated, it can also be activated remotely at any time, providing a flexible billing approach.

The Evinox Energy range of ModuSat® heat interface units is the only product available that features integrated pre-pay ready billing technology. Other pre-payment systems require additional hardware to be installed in the dwelling, which can add cost to the project. In addition, many other solutions are also wireless, which may sound attractive, but can bring a host of issues especially where there is an unstable connection. Unlike our hardwired Bus or Ethernet system, which is not susceptible to any of these wireless connectivity issues.

The PaySmart® system enables residents to be in control of their own energy bills by paying in advance and therefore removing any burden of building up unpaid bills or debt. Unlike traditional pre-payment systems, the process of adding energy credit to the PaySmart® system is automated so there is no requirement for the resident to insert a card for activation. Residents can purchase their energy online using our Residents Website 24hrs a day, at a local Payzone outlet, by monthly Direct Debit or Standing Order, using our Web App on a smart phone or tablet any time or over the telephone.

Evinox Energy offer various metering & billing solutions for heat networks. Contact us today on 01372 722277 or visit www.evinoxenergy.co.uk for further information.