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For any residential building project, it would be fair to say that time saved on site is hugely beneficial for developers, contractors and housing associations alike, helping to reduce project costs and enabling residents to occupy properties as quickly as possible. With this in mind, Evinox Energy has introduced remote commissioning and warranty validation for their ModuSat heat interface units (HIUs), which can significantly reduce the cost of commissioning and time spent on site by engineers manually checking and adjusting settings.

Many other heat interface units for communal and district heating developments require an engineer to physically attend site to set-up every individual unit manually, adding time and cost to the project. Evinox’s electronically controlled ModuSat HIU’s feature SmartTalk communication technology and can be connected over the internet to remote servers, enabling Evinox to check the operation of each unit remotely and adjust settings where required.

Once ModuSat units are installed and ready to be commissioned the following quick and simple process takes place –

  • Installer Registers ModuSat Units Using Evinox’s Online Registration Portal
  • Evinox Check the Operation of Each ModuSat Unit remotely
  • Evinox Visit site to inspect a sample of units (Around 10% of the total units)
  • Evinox will then certify the units and issue certificates
  • The Warranty period begins

The benefits don’t just end there! During the aftercare period, following practical completion, Evinox’s SmartTalk remote communication system enables checks to be made and faults to be diagnosed away from site. Just think about the costs incurred every time an engineer is called to site, well these costs can be avoided using Evinox’s communication system to adjust settings remotely.

It is also important to factor in on-going servicing, which maximises the life of the Heat Interface Unit and ensures optimum performance of both the HIU’s and also the wider heat network. Evinox’s SmartTalk® communication system enables them to carry out scheduled maintenance checks remotely over the internet. The system in each apartment can be fully controlled remotely, including timings and settings, with remote diagnostic capability and client support. This can avoid unnecessary call-outs as a result of user error. Fault alarms can also be checked by testing the operation of components.

Evinox offer after-care service and maintenance plans that are available with one or two-year contracts providing flexibility, and additionally, combined packages for energy billing and maintenance, all under one roof and with discounts available.

Find out more about Evinox’s Heat Interface Unit Remote Warranty Validation and Service and Maintenance Plans by visiting www.evinoxenergy.co.uk or contact Evinox at info@evinox.co.uk for further information.
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