To meet the ever changing demands of the hardware market and specifiers installation requirements the new Axim ES-2100 Electric Strike series is a remote access control device, suitable for doors fitted with the Axim LK-2100 deadlatch series.

A reduction in installation time and maintenance ensures a reduction in costs for installers.

Suitable for the most demanding commercial environments the new Axim ES-2100 Electric Strike replaces the standard fixed strike plate of the deadlatch.

The Axim ES-2100 electric strike is supplied with a flat faceplate for installation into a frame of a single leaf door or the inactive leaf of a pair of doors. Available in 12vDC & 24vDC Fail Safe or Fail Secure.

  • Axim’s innovative development solutions on the ES-2100 Electric Strike make the ES-2100 series a market leading product which now surpasses other leading brands.
  • Suitable for use on single & double Aluminium Doors
  • Electrical actuation unlocks the strike jaw, therefore releasing the latch bolt without having to operate the latch manually.
  • Compact mechanism fits into an aluminium jamb section as shallow as 44.45mm.
  • Non Handed
  • Powered by Internal Solenoid
For more information/technical details please visit, call 0208 685 2313 or email
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