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Manufacturer Marley Eternit has launched its own easy-to-install Vapour Permeable and Non Breathable underlays, further enhancing its position as the leading roof systems provider in the UK.

Following the acquisition of John Brash, the latest announcement means Marley Eternit now offers the most comprehensive roof system in the market, including roof coverings, fittings and accessories, roofing battens and underlays. This allows specifiers, merchants and contractors to benefit from buying a whole roof system from a single source.

The new Universal lightweight underlays incorporate a range of useful features to ensure installation is compliant with the latest requirements of BS 5534. As well as being designed for use in all five UK wind zones, the underlays are marked with guide lines for straight laying and to correspond with the different overlap lengths set out by the British Standard, making it easier for contractors to comply.

To meet the British Standard, securing underlay can either involve wastage by requiring larger laps to coincide with a naturally occurring batten course or introduce a health and safety risk with the use of a dangerous fly batten. To overcome these challenges, Marley Eternit’s Vapour Permeable and Non Breathable underlays come with integrated tape to seal and secure the laps. This provides an effective and easy-to-install solution capable of resisting problems associated with wind uplift, whilst meeting the British Standard.

Gavin White, product manager from Marley Eternit, explains: “Following our integration with John Brash, the launch of our own range of underlays is the final piece of the jigsaw, meaning we are now the only UK manufacturer to offer as many elements of the roof within one system package. This is particularly important given many specifiers are now looking for a total roof solution and it gives advantages in terms of a single point of accountability and technical support, all underpinned by the peace of mind that comes with our system warranty.”

The high performance Universal underlays have been manufactured using the latest materials and processes. They have been designed either to integrate as part of a complete Marley Eternit roof system, or for use in conjunction with a range of roof coverings – regardless of manufacturer.

Gavin White adds: “Most breathable underlays have a significant role to play when used as part of an integrated ventilation system. Our new Vapour Permeable underlay is a complementary means of ventilation when used in conjunction with traditional low and high level ventilation products. We feel this is the most effective way of meeting the requirements of BS 5250 and is a tried and tested approach which avoids placing the heavy burden of roof ventilation on one single element. We are also launching a Non Breathable underlay for use when traditional ventilation methods are preferred. Both underlays provide an ultra strong, durable and easy-to-install under-tile layer suitable for warm or cold roof applications.

“Choosing a full roof system from Marley Eternit gives peace of mind that all elements meet the highest level of quality and sustainability and have been designed and tested to meet stringent standards, with ease of fitting in mind.”

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