Manchester’s skyline 37% higher in just a decade, more than any other UK city…

  • Manchester’s skyline is growing at a faster rate than any other city
  • London is home to nine of the top 10 tallest buildings in the UK
  • Glasgow has grown at the slowest pace over the past decade in terms of high-rise buildings

Manchester’s skyline has grown at the fastest pace in the country over the past decade, according to a new study from property investment firm, Solomon Investment Partners.

According to The Ever-Changing Skyline study, which analysed the cityscape of seven of the UK’s biggest cities, the Manchester skyline has seen a 37% increase in height across its top 20 tallest structures. That’s over double the increase of London, with the capital having seen an 18% rise in the top 20 tallest structures over the past 10 years, largely thanks to the arrival of 22 Bishopsgate and Landmark Pinnacle.

Until 2018, the tallest buildings in the country had been dominated by the UK’s capital. However, Manchester’s Deansgate Square South Tower entered the top 10 at 201 metres, the highest tower in the city’s skyscraper boom, which saw the skyline change dramatically.

Of Manchester’s top 10 tallest buildings, seven have been completed since 2018, many of which would be the tallest building in any other city outside of London and Birmingham.

The Midlands city has grown at the third fastest rate in terms of high-rise structures, with an 8% increase in height across the top 20 tallest buildings, while Leeds and Cardiff also match that figure.

At the other end of the spectrum, Glasgow has seen the smallest increase in the height of their top 20 tallest structures, with an increase of just 4%, thanks to the arrival of the Cathkin Braes Wind Turbine, with the Glasgow Tower having proudly stood as the tallest structure for over 20 years.

Andrew Ward, Managing Director at Solomon Investment Partners said, “Residential projects in particular are really transforming cityscapes across the country, not just in major cities like Manchester and Birmingham, but in smaller cities and towns like Preston and Hull, which are welcoming major investment.”



How the Skyline Has Changed: A View of the Top 20 Tallest Buildings

City Height of Top 20 Buildings (m) 2012 Height of Top 20 Buildings (m) Today Percentage Increase
Manchester 1,770 2,421 37%
London 3,575 4,222 18%
Birmingham 1,782 1,928 8%
Leeds 1,455 1,565 8%
Cardiff 1,162 1,254 8%
Liverpool 1,603 1,682 5%
Glasgow 1,519 1,575


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