VRC Homes have experienced growth in supply of their BOPAS accredited modular construction system in both the residential and commercial sectors.

With development finance providers setting tougher repayment requirements, an increasing number of developers are finding the use of the VRC modular system gives them an added advantage in knowing they can meet those requirements.

As the system allows internal building work to commence within days of being on site, the developer has a head start over traditional methods of construction. Based on a simple system of galvanised steel cassettes and pillars, the system has proven that using a mix of off-site and on-site construction methods, a controlled build environment is maintained.

Assembly is local to site or on site, so reducing road miles. The modules are bolted together, with the roof trusses fitted as soon as the scaffolding is erected. External fabric build can start straight away, complementing the quick start of the internal build. First fix is very easy as there are 300mm voids to run services between each floor.

Adapting for market conditions, VRC have found solid growth in the apartment, house and self- build sectors. Commenting on the increasing interest in the system, managing director Michael Philpot said “We are attempting to make the construction simpler and more transparent for both the smaller developer as well as the self-builder. Evidence has shown that with high plot prices, more people are looking at alternatives to turnkey builds, either through self-manage or in the case of councils, developing apprenticeship schemes. Therefore, it has to be at a level of construction understanding they feel comfortable with.”

Adding to the range of alternative solutions to traditional methods of working, VRC Homes have launched ‘Pop Up’ modular accommodation units. Based on foldable modules, the great advantage is the increased utilisation of transport by a factor of 5. Two people can erect a module in 4 minutes. The modules have been designed in compliance with international transportation standards.

Telephone: 01223 459931, Email: sales@vrchomes.co.uk, Web: www.vrchomes.co.uk
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