The BDA (Brick Development Association) has now prepared its statement and guidelines for manufacturers and others to use CE Marking post, Brexit.  This notice will also help end users to recognise clay brick products that meet standards following Brexit.

Clay bricks manufactured in the UK are covered by a harmonised European product standard, which is enforced through the CPR (Construction Products Regulations) by the Assessment and Verification of Consistency of Performance (AVCP) systems. From the 1st Jan 2021 the CPR and harmonised standards will be copied across into UK law, so UK bricks will continue to be manufactured to the same standards and test methods.

From the 1st Jan 2021 it will be possible to certify products using the new UK Conformity Assessment Mark (UKCA Mark).

For the period of 2021 there will be equal recognition of the UKCA mark and the CE mark, then from 2022 only the UKCA mark will be recognised in UK law.

For the start of 2021 it is the intention of UK brick manufacturers to continue to use the CE mark for bricks placed on the UK market, before switching to the UKCA mark, ready for the 1st Jan 2022.


Please click here for the full statement and guidance.


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