A new 8-page brochure and online animation from brick support specialist, ANCON, show just how simple it is to create suspended masonry soffits on virtually any brick building, regardless of soffit dimensions, brick type or bond pattern. The new resources are available at www.ancon.co.uk/Nexus.

An increasingly popular design choice for architects, deep brick-faced reveals and soffits add extra depth to a building façade, maintaining the colour and texture of the main brick façade typically above door and window openings.

Key to achieving this aesthetic is the design of the supporting steelwork which is hidden from view and this is where Ancon’s expertise comes in. Ancon provides four effective, yet distinctly different, soffit suspension solutions, all covered in a new technical brochure.

Ancon’s recommended solution and latest innovation, Nexus, developed in partnership with cut brick specialist Ibstock Kevington, offers a modular lightweight steel alternative to cast concrete brick-faced soffits.

The Ancon-Ibstock Nexus system is easier to handle on site than precast concrete soffit systems, without the need for mechanical lifting equipment, meaning it is far faster and simpler to fix and provides contractors with a more cost-effective solution.

To demonstrate the speed and simplicity of Nexus, an animated installation video is now available at www.ancon.co.uk/Nexus, which takes the viewer step by step through the process from initial fixing of the Ancon MDC Nexus support system, through the bolting on of the lightweight Nexus brick faced soffit unit and how it can be adjusted and levelled in all three planes, to the final pointing of the brick slip face.

Available in virtually any brick type in a wide range of bonds and shapes, Nexus offers the designer complete flexibility.

For more information on Nexus or the three other Ancon soffit fixing systems, call 0114 275 5224 or visit www.ancon.co.uk/Nexus.
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