ELCO Heating Solutions has introduced a new range of network interface units to satisfy the growing demand for district/communal heating schemes. The redesigned Nexus range consists of 10 models, offering specifiers an extensive choice of products to suit the specific needs of a project.

To complement the new Nexus range, ELCO has also introduced a comprehensive 56-page brochure, which offers design guidance, detailed schematics and drawings, plus full performance data for each model. There is also a handy selector chart, which allows readers to quickly identify the most suitable Nexus interface unit, based on a few simple questions.

The new range can be viewed at www.elco.co.uk, accompanied by a free download of the Nexus brochure.

For applications that require heating and instantaneous hot water (DHW), there are three Nexus units available, including the Nexus Bitherm, Nexus Bitherm S and Nexus Dual Stage. Heating outputs for these models range from 2.5kW to 20kW and DHW production from 30kW to 150kW.

Where heating and stored hot water are required, there are a further three options, with the Nexus S-FS, Nexus Dual Circuit ID and Nexus Dual Circuit D, offering heating outputs up to 15kW and a range of storage options.

In high-end apartments requiring heating, instantaneous hot water and cooling, specifiers can choose from the Nexus Bitherm Combined or Nexus Dual Stage Combined. These provide heating outputs from 10kW to 20kW, DHW from 60kW to 150kW and cooling outputs from 2.5kW to 20kW. For applications that require heating, cooling and stored hot water, there is the Nexus Dual Circuit D Combined, which delivers up to 25l/min of DHW, heating outputs up to 20kW and cooling outputs up to 20kW.

Finally, a dedicated cooling unit is available in the form of the Nexus Cooltherm, which offers cooling outputs from 2.5kW to 20kW.

Commenting on the new range, Ian Bradley, Managing Director at ELCO Heating Solutions, said “We have been heavily involved in network heating projects for the last decade, acquiring a wealth of experience in the sector. So, with this knowledge and expertise, we have re-designed the Nexus range to specifically suit the needs of modern network heating systems, while also making the specification process as simple as possible.”

“ELCO is also one of the few companies in the UK able to offer a complete package for district heating schemes, so everything from boilers, CHP and a range of interface units, through to a dedicated service and maintenance offering is comprehensively covered.”

For more information on the new Nexus range and the full commercial heating and hot water portfolio from ELCO Heating Solutions, please visit www.elco.co.uk.
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