Gilberts has the Covid-19 solution for ventilation with standard MFS Ventilation units

As new guidance on the role of good ventilation in addressing COVID incidence is published(1), Gilberts has announced its Hybrid MFS ventilation already achieve compliance.

“The over-riding message of all relevant guidance in relation to COVID and building services is to increase the ventilation- to increase the amount of air changes and minimise CO2 levels to below 1000ppm,” explains Roy Jones, Gilberts’ Technical Director. “Our MFS can already deliver that requirement, giving peace of mind to existing users: MFS is the current product of choice for schools and has been successfully installed thousands of times to provide clean fresh air to the occupants.”

For further customer re-assurance, Gilberts Blackpool Limited has still further developed new COVID-19 modes for the stand-alone MFS hybrid mechanical/natural ventilation units. The options require no additional accessories nor equipment. In many cases, the building services manager can personally execute the change, just by pushing a few buttons.

By changing the settings on the control menu on its bespoke MFS Controller, the air is provided with increased outside (clean) air. The system can also be overridden with a boost facility as required by the occupant, to potentially further increase fresh air volume by as much as 200%.

A simple adjustment of controls means the way the single sided space is ventilated can continue but increases agility by providing fresh air more often by adjusting the C02 sensor set-point.

Gilberts has advanced the MFS Hybrid product’s abilities over the last 5 years and has provided such items as heating coil options. Most customers now take up this option, as it reduces the need to provide a separate heating system in most applications. For those that have been provided with the coil option, Gilberts has provided a further advanced and protective system. Gilberts has the ability to provide 100% fresh air and temper with the coils for the full operation of the rooms. This will advance the ventilation and keep a cleaner and safer environment whilst ensuring indoor temperatures are not compromised at all.


This simple programme change to the bespoke controller is required with an option provided to the occupant to swich in and out of Covid mode, as the occupier determines. This option will have a minor increase on the heating bill but benefits the occupier with a still further clean air ventilation system.

“We already had a compliant product. With minor adjustments this can be enhanced to increase ventilation rates but without detriment to indoor environmental quality (IEQ)” adds Roy Jones

Full details of Gilberts’ MFS system can be found here: Alternatively, email or telephone 01253 766911.

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