Latest innovations and products in the sustainability sections of the construction industry.

New from Rinnai, the UK’s leader in continuous flow hot water heating, is a Site Sizing Service designed to give the right amount of hot water delivery to meet existing and planned needs. The new service initiative from Rinnai – available over email, iPhone and site visit – is to give contractors and users the right mix of products and system which fit the needs of the site, rather than a ‘one size fits all approach’ seen with traditional hot water heating systems.

“Every site is different, as all installers know, and the tradition of oversizing a system ‘just in case’ is a very costly way for a site to have hot water on demand. The very basis of our product concept is that the end-user only pays for the fuel to heat the hot water at the point of use. There are very few sites that might need a stored hot water facility – but this is very expensive – its rather like keeping a car’s engine running just in case you want to drive it. It is as simple as that,” says Rinnai head of Operations, Chris Goggin.

He adds, “We are inviting contractors, designers, installers, end-users and consultants to contact us in person to discuss their new installations so that we can recommend the right system specific to the site. Our product can cope with virtually any size of commercial site – hotels, hospitals, schools, office blocks and larger residential properties and we have proven systems configured to cope with the biggest commercial premises – right through to Government departments such as the Welsh Office or 350 plus bed hotels. The complete, bespoke and personalised system is designed for the specific need of the site or user and we have a proven record of adding significant value to our customers.

The Rinnai product range includes the Infinity HDC1600i, a premium condensing hot water heater tested to below 20 ppm NOx, producing the lowest emissions on the market, with 97% gross efficiencies.

Also in this established and proven range of award winning products is the condensing HDC1200 internal and external models which give an energy performance of 107% net efficiency while the larger Rinnai HDC1500 internal and external models have 105% net efficiency. Rinnai Infinity condensing units also exceed all the demands of Part L Building Regulations.

The Rinnai HD50i internal water heater and HD70e external water heater offer greater flexibility at the design stage and can offer an alternative solution where flue runs are problematic or internal space is not available. They are excellent units for refurbishment projects.

Using a modular system of either internal or external Rinnai HD or HDC condensing water heaters and a stainless steel storage vessel, demands in excess of 20,000 litres per hour can be satisfied. Rinnai Infinity Plus Storage packs are delivered direct to site in one complete package.

Rinnai units are ‘renewables ready’ when used as a gas booster to solar thermal or heat pump installations in maximizing renewable heat gains. It is the only booster that ensures a hot shower or bath any time of the day or night. The rest of the time the gas fired unit is inactive minimizing energy usage.

Rinnai’s development and investment in integral smart controls for its appliances enable smart integration with sophisticated BMS systems allowing multi data monitoring which in turn identifies areas where energy, service and breakdown efficiencies can be improved. Each digital remote controller can be individually programmed, to deliver temperature accurate hot water for washing and cleaning however the water heater can only deliver one set temperature at any time. Remote temperature controllers cannot override the master temperature setting made with the DIP switches within the heater ensuring safety. Controllers can also deliver basic fault diagnosis.

Rinnai also fields a common header flue system to streamline manifolded installations of its award-winning Infinity condensing units.

Another simple but effective idea which safeguards against lime scale build up occurring in Rinnai continuous flow water heaters a scale control system continually monitors the appliances for lime scale deposits around the heat exchanger.

Also in the range is the Infinity Solo. This is a Rinnai hot water heating unit which combines the advanced technology of its wall mounted water heaters with a stainless steel storage cylinder all in one. And it boasts very low heat loss figures.

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Eco-friendly wood and finish specialist, Osmo UK, introduces a new range of quality tools to its impressive portfolio of products, including an innovative Osmo System Telescopic Handle. The assortment of tools aims to aid users in creating a premium finish to their Osmo projects and ease product application.

Osmo’s new offering of tools includes a wide selection of the highest quality brushes, rollers, scrapers, mops, pads and machines, each of which are specially designed to provide the perfect criteria for the intended appearance or effect that is desired. Whether users are looking to preserve the natural colour of the wood, add a subtle washed effect or highlight the grain of the wood itself, there is a tool for it all.

Whilst protection is assured, the results will also be aesthetically pleasing. Tailored to suit various surfaces and needs, the Osmo tools and accessories collection provides users with the requirements for the best application and maintenance of wooden surfaces.

“Buyers can often fall into the trap of purchasing cheaper tools, however these low-cost alternatives can often compromise the overall finish and quality of the project due to their poor quality and design,” comments Steve Grimwood, Managing Director of Osmo UK. “It is important to Osmo that our products offer a premium and high quality finish and that we are consistently achieving a high level of customer satisfaction. Osmo’s products are high in viscosity and have a thick consistency to ensure the finish is applied thinly and spread evenly. These tools are made from aluminium and are designed to be long lasting.”

The all new Osmo System Telescopic Handle is a universal attachment for the full assortment of application tools including:

  • Osmo Floor Brush
  • Osmo Floor Roller Set
  • Osmo Small Roller & Brush Set
  • Osmo Decking Brush
  • Osmo Decking Brush Set
  • Osmo Pad Holder with Joint

The same handle can also be used in conjunction with the cleaning tools:

  • Osmo Cleaning Kit for Floors
  • Osmo Decking Cleaning Brush
  • Osmo Pad Holder with Joint

Osmo tools are now easier than ever to use, thanks to the Quick-Connect technology that allows for the convenient attachment of the telescopic handle and the SoftTouch Grip, for user comfort. The back-preserving, adjustable length of the handle allows users to effortlessly extend the brush, in order to apply Osmo product on floors, decking and hard to reach areas with ease. The handle simply connects to the joint with a secure fitting and has an adjustable pole which can be extended in length from 120-200cm.

To find more information and for your nearest stockist of the Osmo range of environmentally friendly wooden products and specialist finishes, call Osmo UK direct on 01296 481220 or alternatively visit

Many existing, new and retrofitted buildings exhibit large gaps between design aspirations and in use performance. To meet policy objectives and meet the needs of building owners and occupants, in-use performance needs to improve rapidly and radically. Ambitious new start-up organisation, The Building Performance Network (BPN) hopes to influence change in policy, procurement and practice, both politically and technically across the UK and global Construction markets.

Whilst many people are now aware of performance gaps for energy use and CO2 emissions, fewer people are aware that issues are also evident in technical performance, occupant satisfaction, operating costs, environmental impact and importantly the health of the occupants.

Data is the key to understanding whether we are making the right choices throughout the lifecycle of the building. The UK suffers from a disjointed building performance evaluation sector, where data are inaccessible, study methods are not clear or shared, and decisions are often made on poor or limited data.

The Building Performance Network (BPN) will be an independent not for profit organisation, operating in all building related sectors. It will work to bring together individuals and organisations with an interest in improving building performance in operation. It is founded on the principles of integrity and robustness to ensure that it remains credible and authoritative. It is open to all, not just the existing Building Performance Evaluation industry.

The BPN has the following key objectives:

  • Bring people together with an interest in building performance
  • Understand how building performance data is collected and analysed to ensure members have reliable data on which to base their decisions
  • Move forward the practice of building performance evaluation to make it accurate and useable for the sector
  • Share and make members aware of a wide range of studies undertaken in the UK, creating a data-sharing platform to move the building performance agenda forward
  • Use data to influence change in policy, procurement and practice

The BPN is founded on the principle that participation should be open for all and that the member organisation has an interest in the performance of buildings in-use. It is constituted as an independent, non-profit organisation, which requires some core funding.

Members will be a part of an exclusive collective group of expert organisations shaping the building performance landscape and be seen as a credible collaborator by Government and other organisations with an interest in this field. If you want to support engagement with government in a unified industry approach, have a say in what is proposed as industry standards and enjoy a host of annual benefits then click here to find out how you can become part of this ambitious and fast growing organisation:

Download the prospectus here.

Kingspan Insulation has announced the launch of two new products to join their innovative new Kooltherm K100 Range, designed to deliver lower U-values with a minimal construction thickness.

Kingspan Kooltherm K112 Framing Board and K107 Pitched Roof Board are the latest products in the range, which was launched last year. Their advanced, fibre-free insulation core has a thermal conductivity of just 0.018 W/m.K across all available board thicknesses, the lowest for any rigid phenolic insulation board. This revolutionary composition offers architects, specifiers and builders the freedom to design and construct buildings with inherently outstanding fabric performance, without having to compromise on internal space.

All the products in the Kooltherm K100 Range are manufactured with a blowing agent that has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and very low Global Warming Potential (GWP). The insulation boards are non-deleterious, easy to handle and install, and are unaffected by air infiltration.

Kooltherm, Therma and KoolDuct insulation products and cavity closers manufactured at Kingspan Insulation’s facilities in Pembridge and Selby are certified to BES 6001 (Framework Standard for the Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products) ‘Excellent’.

The Kingspan Kooltherm K100 Range is now available on the Kingspan Insulation U-value Calculator, and detailed product brochures are available for download

Nanjing Green Towers, promoted by Nanjing Yang Zi State-owned National Investment Group, will be the first Vertical Forest built in Asia.

Located in the Nanjing Pukou District (an area destined to lead the modernization of southern Jiangsu and the development of the Yangtze River economic area), the two towers are characterized by the interchange of green tanks and balconies, following the prototype of Milan’s Vertical Forest.

Along the facades, 600 tall trees, 500 medium-sized trees (for a total amount of 1,100 trees from 23 local species) and 2,500 cascading plants and shrubs will cover a 6,000 Sqm area. A real vertical forest, contributing to regenerate local biodiversity, that will provide a 25 tons of CO2 absorption each year and will produce about 60 kg of Oxygen per day.

The taller tower, 200 metres high, crowned on the top by a green lantern, will host offices – from the 8th floor to the 35th – and it will include a museum, a green architecture school and a private club on the rooftop. The second tower, 108 metres high, will provide a Hyatt hotel with 247 room of different sizes (from 35 sqm to 150 sqm) and a swimming pool on the rooftop. The 20 metres high podium, will  host commercial, recreational and educative functions, including multi-brands shops,a food market, restaurants, conference hall and exhibition spaces.

Nanjiing Vertical Forest project, which is scheduled to be finished in 2018, is the third prototype, after Milan and Lausanne, of a project about urban forestation and demineralisation that Stefano Boeri Architects will develop all over the world and in particular in other Chinese cities such as Shijiazhuang, Liuzhou, Guizhou, Shanghai and Chongqing.

Evinox will be exhibiting in the District Energy Town Square at Ecobuild 2017, taking place from the 7th to the 9th March at Excel London. This year the exhibition will be themed as an immersive city – complete with main street, distinct destinations and special feature attractions. Ecobuild is the UK’s largest event for specifiers across the built environment, from architects and developers to local government and major infrastructure clients.

Visit us at stand F231 to find out more about our latest ModuSat HIU for communal and district heating schemes, which takes just 15 seconds to reach 55°C from the tap opening, providing an impressive dynamic response. You can also pick up a copy of our new “Guide to Metering & Billing” a useful document for anyone involved in a communal or district heating scheme.

We look forward to welcoming you at the event. You can register now to attend the exhibition for free by visiting the Ecobuild website.

Evinox Energy combine smart HIU technology with excellent after-sales end-user support and flexible metering and billing services, ensuring the building owner has a hassle-free, efficient development and residents enjoy a comfortable and relaxed place to live.

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Built on the site of the Poor Clares Convent, is a new development of 16 luxury homes. In the sought-after village of Baddesley Clinton in Warwickshire, landscape plans are now becoming a reality. The convent itself has been converted and six new dwellings built on the site which closed as an active convent in 2011 after 160 years.

Vortice has installed the energy efficient Vort Leto into the apartments. The Vort Leto MEV is a continuously running ventilation unit which continually extracts from the wet rooms. The fan runs on a constant trickle and then boosts up via switches located in the wet rooms. Vortice Specification Manager, Ken Johnson said “I worked closely with SANDS Plumbing and Heating Services London to ensure that the ventilation specified was suited to the type of building. Due to having only one break out of the building façade, the Vort Leto was an ideal choice in order to maintain the finish of the fabric of the building. It was important to both SANDS Plumbing and Heating Services and to Vortice to maintain the historic aspects of the building.”

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Names from left to right: Pat Beardmore, Operations Director at MEDITE, Pat Breen, Engineering Manager at MEDITE, James Ryan, Maintenance Supervisor at MEDITE

MEDITE SMARTPLY has been highly commended at the Sustainable Energy Awards 2016 in the large energy category.

The event, which took place on the 3rd November 2016, brings together leading innovators and companies that demonstrate a proven track record of going beyond best practice in integrated energy management.

This award, in part, is a result of the MEDITE SMARTPLY Operation Excellence programme that began in 2014.

The programme initiatives consisted of product and process flow optimisation, variable speed drive monitoring, controls, lighting, ISO 50001 certification, electric transport, and a steam turbine generating onsite electricity driven by their own biomass steam boiler.

The company has also undertaken employee awareness initiatives including displaying energy targets in real time at operator stations, children’s Energy Calendar competition and an Energy Fun Day.

The company has systematically and effectively focused resources on opportunities for energy reduction saving the company in excess of €250,000/per annum in energy costs.

“This award is an independent external acknowledgement of the hard work and efforts that all of our teams across Europe have put in from day one. From our new technologies, such as our Mat Preheater, compressed air energy reduction and process pumps upgrades, to our engineering works on LED lighting and airflow optimisation, everyone has had a part to play,” comments Pat Beardmore, Operations Director.

“The innovation and passion shown by all members of MEDITE SMARTPLY reflects what a truly energetic place it is to work and grow. We will continue our work and chase the top award next year.”

The company has set its sights on achieving an energy reduction in excess of 10% in the coming years. With five projects already in planning in order to achieve these ambitious goals MEDITE SMARTPLY will continue to lead the way in energy management in its sector.

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The University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol has recently quadrupled its solar generating capacity through the installation of 1,731 solar panels, which will enable it to produce over 400 MWh of electricity each year and making it the largest solar panel array in the UK university sector.

The new solar array has been installed on the roof of the University Enterprise Zone (UEZ) and the Bristol Robotics Laboratory, which have both undergone extensive refurbishment as part of the required works. Prior to the solar panels being installed, approved contractor Mitie Tilley Roofing overlaid the original failing single ply waterproofing with over 12,000m2 of Bauder’s lightweight, robust PVC single ply waterproofing system Thermofol. The solar modules, which weigh just 12Kg/m2, were then fitted onto the waterproofing using a unique penetration-free, welding method by renewable energy specialists Dulas. This installation technique means that the roof is not compromised by penetrations for fixings nor is it ballasted, which would add additional weight loading to the roof.

The new photovoltaic system will generate at least 74.32 Megawatt Hours of solar power each year which should; cover half of the energy consumed within the building, save around 200 tonnes of carbon and provide annual savings of over £50,000 a year. The university is highly committed to sustainability and energy efficiency, and this solar project is just part of a much wider plan to achieve its carbon reduction goals and enhance local renewable energy capacity.

Fabia Jeddere-Fisher, Energy Engineer at UWE, stated, “From its conception, we chose a roofing system that would mean the flat roof would not need to be strengthened if we chose to add solar panels. Normally, panels placed on flat roofs require either weighing down or fixings that penetrate the roof membrane, which can introduce the risk of leaks. The system we have chosen means that the panels are welded into place, reducing load, and reducing the need for roof penetrations. The University will use 100% of the power generated by the PV array, which will be equal to the amount generated by nearly 200 homes with solar panels. As a large organisation we want to set an example for others to undertake similar projects.”

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Rinnai, the UK’s leading manufacturer of continuous flow water heating systems, has transformed the hot water delivery arrangements at a busy Caravan Club site in the Malvern Hills.

Malvern Hills Caravan Club site offers its visitors not only the beautiful Malvern Hills to explore but also the Elgar Trail taking in composer’s birthplace at Broadheath to his final abode in Worcester. Malvern adds to its charms with a Festival and Fringe in May as well as laying claim to having the finest parish church in England, all within easy reach of the caravan park. And it is, of course, renowned for its spring water.

The site is especially busy from Easter all the way through to October so there is a continuous need for hot water. Providing plentiful hot water for visitors staying in caravans on up to 210 pitches, with demand for showers before breakfast and dinner is no easy task and it recently became clear that the site’s old, traditional system simply couldn’t cope.

Contractor Booth and Bomford of Evesham advised on the task of supplying the needs of a toilet/shower block with a new state-of-the- art hot water system. It was important that the new system should be able to produce hot water any time of the day or night and never run cold, even at the busiest times.

The decision was taken to install four Rinnai HDC1500i gas fired continuous flow heaters to provide a never-ending supply of temperature-safe hot water for even the busiest of times.

Graham Cox, for Booth and Bomford, explains: “The job involved the removal of the two storage type water heaters and installation of four new Rinnai water heaters. We also needed to re-configure the hot, cold, LPG gas and return pipework to suit the requirements of the new heaters and insulate all new pipework, put in new vertical flues through the roof and a new water conditioning unit to protect the water heaters, followed by test and commission.”

According to Cox, the popular Caravan Club site now benefits from energy and cost savings due to the fact that the new heaters are more efficient providing instantaneous hot water as required rather than having large amounts of stored hot water that is continually re-heated and is not required during out of peak times.

The Caravan Club obviously agrees as Booth and Bomford have won the contract to get to work on another two sites – Moorhampton in Hereford with two Rinnai HDC1500i heaters and Moreton-in-the-Marsh where four HDC1500i heaters are going in.

Booth and Bomford is an established M&E contractor providing plumbing, heating and electrical services working on both commercial and domestic contracts and maintenance services.

Clients include the Caravan Club, care homes, County & District Councils, colleges, schools, building companies and architects, private commercial and residential clients.

Rinnai offers the most energy efficient and cost effective range of LPG-compatible A-rated energy labelled appliances.

For off-grid installation the Rinnai Infinity range offers world beating efficiencies and the most advanced technologies on the market today for anywhere an energy efficient LPG instantaneous water heater is needed.

Chris Goggin, Associate Director, Rinnai UK comments: “Installers and end users can rest assured that A-rated Infinity HDC units, including the HDC1500, offer high-end performance with unrivalled reliability – with this type of application we have seen an energy reduction as high as 30%.”

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