Atkinson & Kirby

Leading flooring specialist, Atkinson & Kirby launches its new trend led flooring ranges, including Homeland, Winter Desert, Organic Future and Modern Revival.

The first trend, Homeland, encapsulates the growing desire to embrace history in a contemporary lifestyle. This trend is about stripping things back, colours are mid to dark wood tones, materials are concrete, and timber and finishes are weathered.

Winter Desert focuses on handcraft and authentic design, featuring earthy natural tones and deep textures. Conversely, Organic Future’s tones are light oak, ash and maple with strong dark wood contrasts, smooth mattes and chalked greys.

Finally, Modern Revival is all about looking back, taking the best of past design, featuring patterns such as herringbone and chevron.

Zara Prescott, Communications Executive, said “We are very excited to showcase our new flooring ranges. Trends are constantly evolving and moving forward, so it’s our job to seek out the next big thing. Our new trend led ranges give homeowners a wide variety of style and designs to choose from, whilst maintaining the high quality and value our customers expect.”

For more information on Atkinson & Kirby and the range of products available, call 01695 573234 or simply visit
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