Viega has launched two new products to its award-winning drainage and overflow range – the Multiplex Visign M9 and the Multiplex Trio Visign MT9. Suitable for all bathtubs with a standardised overflow hole, the range is also simple to retrofit.

Easy to install, the new additions have the same functional unit for all equipment sets to allow for simple design selection. In retro-fit situations, the fittings come with a conversion kit which consists of a fastening glance and rotatable collar to easily replace the old equipment.

Adding further bathing comfort, a gentle touch at the rotatable collar allows for the water level to be raised an additional five centimetres ‘above normal level’. A gentle pull at the unit then lowers the water to return to normal levels. In both cases, the overflow function remains active, to prevent flooding. If the overflow function is not active, the water will flow away through the rotatable collar.

Additionally, the Multiplex Visign M9 and Multiplex Trio Visign MT9 have a small installation depth of 33 mm which ensures that the products can be fitted to any bathtub with a standardised overflow hole, particularly models with a modern narrow rim design. The MT3 and MT5 equipment sets allow for the water jet angle to be adjusted to the inclination of the individual bathtub rim. The fittings have a water seal height of 50 mm, drainage capacity accumulation height 300 mm 0.85 l/s and spillway capacity accumulation height 60mm over mid of spill hole 0.63 l/s.

“Nominated for the German Design Prize, “Designpreis Deutschland” and a winner of the Red Dot Design Award, the sleek design lines of the Multiplex series provides an unobtrusive feature that complements all commercial bathtubs,” said Scott James, Managing Director at Viega. “Available in three sizes (560 mm, 725 mm or 1,070 mm) to accommodate every size and design of bathtub, the range can be specified with a chrome-plated or a coated stainless-steel finish. This means specifiers can be assured the products will be flexible towards any modern bathroom design.”

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