CR27, from Bradite’s extensive portfolio of high quality paints and decorative coatings, is a fast drying, universal road marking and line paint, suitable for application on asphalt, bitumen, concrete and brick, and on roads, runways, car parks and sports facilities. To achieve optimum results, the company recommends that surfaces be dry, dust free and clean of any contamination prior to application.

Based on a combined alkyd and chlorinated rubber binder system, this specialist paint is surface dry in 10 minutes with a minimum one-hour overcoat time recommended. Application can be by brush, roller, conventional air spraying or airless spraying, depending on the particular job.
CR27 dries to an eggshell sheen and comes in a choice of white or yellow, with bespoke colours also available, as demonstrated by the colours requested for this particular project. If thinning is required, Bradite recommends its TB34 thinner and stresses that equipment should be cleaned immediately after use with its TC32 thinner.
Additional features of CR27 Line Marking Paint include strong adhesion and abrasion resistance, as well as good light reflection properties which can be enhanced by the addition of glass beads. This paint is also resistant to water, oil and brine, leaves no bleeding on asphalt or bitumen roads, and can be used with a low slip additive.

Only the best for this contractor

Established 55 years ago and based in Co Armagh, F&KP Smyth specialises in restoration and decoration services for industrial, commercial, private and listed buildings, as well as specialised projects such as the Co Down road motif.

Company director, Francis Smyth, explains why Bradite’s CR27 Line Marking Paint was suitable for this particular application: “CR27 was the right product for this project because it is quick drying, comes in a full range of colours, and of course, is suitable for external application.
“All of these features were critical to this project which was not without its challenges,” Francis explains. “Not only were we working to a tight time frame, but also the church was in full use while the work was going on. In addition, given the coastal area location which is naturally prone to adverse and unpredictable weather, we needed to apply a paint designed to withstand such conditions.”
So how does F&KP Smyth rate Bradite CR27 overall? “Because it is not thick or sticky, this paint can be applied just like ordinary conventional coatings,” Francis continues. “CR27 offers an excellent colour choice, which includes the full range of BS and RAL colours, and our order was delivered within a week by Brewers’ Milton Keynes branch.
“On completion, the motif looked as though it was brand new and the contracts manager was extremely impressed with how the project turned out.”
This was not the first time F&KP Smyth has used a Bradite branded product. “As we only use paint from leading suppliers,” Francis concludes, “we have used Bradite products previously as specified by Harry Stone at Brewers. Harry has every confidence in the products, and we in turn have full confidence in the brand as well.”