Trend Control Systems, the leading international manufacturer and supplier of state-of-the-art Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS), has extended its range of control system components with a new range of pressure independent control valves (PICVs). These innovative devices have been designed to fully optimise the control of thermal comfort and provide significant energy savings.
The Trend range of PICVs is perfect for use in variable flow systems in new builds for both commercial and industrial applications. Now a well-established technology, PICVs provide constant flow regulation under varying pressure conditions and a single product replaces the use of three separate components that would traditionally be required to be installed – a differential pressure regulator, a maximum flow limiter and a temperature control valve.
Ideal for system designers, installers and commissioning specialists looking for a fast, reliable, quiet and easy-to-use solution, Trend’s PICVs improve a building’s thermal comfort, whilst maximising energy savings at the pump. By controlling flows through fan coil units, air handling units and chilled beams fed from variable flow heating and cooling systems, they can adapt to variations in pump speeds, saving energy and minimising wear and tear on these expensive plant components. They also contribute to balanced flow rates and heat outputs across all areas of a building, something that can often be difficult to achieve with traditional configurations.
Trend’s PICVs make specification and installation easy thanks to the ability to pre-set the flow rate between 10-100 per cent of nominal value for the valve. In addition, they also improve system stability and controllability when the flow percentage is adjusted by not limiting the stroke of the flow, but by an independent control element within the valve.
Chris Monson, Trend’s Strategic Marketing Manager, commented, ‘Our new range of PICVs offers absolute and precise control of flow, guaranteed system performance and full optimisation of energy usage. The ability of these devices to reduce excessive flow and pressure acting against control valves also improves the performance, operation and valve lifespan. This new product range is great news for those looking for a single source supplier of control system components, which also includes our popular range of actuators.
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