The full benefit of this workout will be for window and door specifiers, producers and installers…It’s a B2B exhibition and seminar in Telford with 175 exhibitors.

The FIT – ‘Fabricator Installer Trade’ – Show is the UK’s only specialist event for anyone involved with the £4.5 billion + fenestration industry, or what was known in another age, as the double-glazing business.

For in addition to the hard core of manufacturers and installers of windows, doors and conservatories for the private home improvement sector the event provides a fertile buying ground for housebuilders and public sector landlords, who may be looking for that extra touch that will sell more private homes, or bring public sector estates up to scratch. The options for both are simply staggering….

The FIT Show, launched in 2013 and taking place for the third time at The International Centre Telford, takes place in its third iteration in April this year. And no less than 175 exhibitors will be taking part in four sizeable halls at this modern and airy exhibition centre, just a few miles north of the NEC.

On show will be quite literally thousands of products in a showcase that provides evidence of the relative health and vitality of a sector that, despite almost 90% of UK homes now having been fitted with double glazing of one sort or another, continues to thrive. The fact of the matter is that the latest windows and doors offer levels of performance that were simply not a twinkle in the eyes of the most ardent home improver or estates manager twenty years ago. Security and especially energy efficiency have taken giant leaps forward whilst costs, in real terms, have fallen significantly.

As a few hours at this extraordinary event will demonstrate…

The Fabricator Installer Trade (FIT) Show takes place at The International Centre Telford on 12th, 13th and 14th April 2016. For more information including FREE registration go to:

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