A new trade organisation has been established to represent all that’s best in the basement waterproofing industry, with benefits for homeowners, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, architects and more.

The Basement Waterproofing Association is an independently managed organisation, set up by leading innovators in the field, with numerous industry-related goals at its core.

Collette O’Connor, Chairman of the Basement Waterproofing Association comments: “We know a great deal about effectively protecting underground spaces from water in the ground but that doesn’t mean we should stop learning. This organisation is all about research, shared knowledge, best practice and mutually beneficial relationships for all involved – particularly our customers.

“By choosing to work with one of our accredited member companies, homeowners are assured that they are dealing with one of the industry’s best-informed installers – one that will only start work once all applicable legalities have been met; only use approved materials and practices; and strictly comply to Building Regulations.

“Professionalism and ethics are at the top of our Code of Conduct. Where unscrupulous contractors put profit above all else, our ongoing concern is customer satisfaction – for years after the job is completed. To that end, we encourage and facilitate members to sign up to the Construction Guarantee Solutions Ltd. scheme, offering customers ten-year insurance-backed guarantees that will be honoured, even in the unlikely event that the original contractor should cease trading.”

Businesses can also access professionally designed promotional materials – incorporating their logo and company details – via an online marketing portal on the organisation’s website. “The Basement Waterproofing Association logo should be seen as a signpost for high standards and quality”, Collette continues; “and by helping our members to achieve a consistent, professional style in their promotions, we’re building both our brand and theirs at the same time.

“Our training offering has been designed for specialists from all areas of the trade – from architects to contractors – providing them with the knowledge to comprehensively survey underground spaces and identify appropriate waterproofing solutions. It’s a proactive way of promoting career development within member companies, offering employees an affordable means of furthering their expertise, with three-day courses run across the country, throughout the year.”

Besides detailing the benefits of working with a Basement Waterproofing Association-accredited installer, the organisation’s new website boasts a wealth of information for homeowners, including numerous considerations that might not be obvious to someone planning such work for the first time.

“Radon gas, party wall responsibilities and planning permission”, Collette explains; “they’re all things that can have a significant bearing on a basement waterproofing installation. Our website guides homeowners through matters like these, provides a useful search facility that pinpoints where their nearest accredited installers are based, and invites people to get in touch with their questions.

“It’s great to see our hard work coming to fruition with this organisation. The Basement Waterproofing Association is the authority base that our industry needs and we look forward to it growing and developing as more and more members get involved.”

With PropertECO and 12 branches of the Peter Cox chain having already signed up, other companies interested in learning more about the Basement Waterproofing Association, its various membership options and the latest news from around the industry should visit: www.basementwaterproofingassociation.org