Gatic Civil Drainage, a global leader in engineered surface water drainage and access covers, introduces a new range of high-performance access covers for paved areas. Suitable for up to D400 weight loading, the new Pave range is ideal for urban public places and parking areas.

Gatic® Pave is a comprehensive system of single, duct and multi span access covers and frames for use in paved areas where an aesthetic finish with a paviour infill is required. The components of Pave covers are manufactured from ductile iron to BS EN 1563 and structural steel sections (removable beams) to BS 4-1 which are supplied with a galvanised finish.

The benefits of Pave include non-rocking under slow moving traffic, a watertight joint under normal rainwater conditions, and closed keyways fitted with plastic plugs to prevent ingress of dirt. Pave is also extremely secure and vandal resistant – the covers cannot be removed without the correct lifting key, making unauthorised removal virtually impossible. Locking bolts can be fitted as an additional security feature.

Gatic Managing Director Peter Burnap comments: “With a history of installations dating back more than eighty years, Gatic is without doubt the proven international standard for engineered, heavy duty access covers and drainage gratings. Our access covers are subject to continuous development to meet the ever increasing and diverse demands of our roads and infrastructure. Our wide range of ductile iron and machined access covers in a variety of surface finishes and load ratings ensure we have a solution for every size and specification of project.”

For more information, download our new Gatic Pave brochure at

Hydro International is launching The Hydro-Brake® Flow Control Series, a versatile toolbox of precision-engineered devices for surface water, watercourse, foul and combined sewer network control.

Building on Hydro International’s leadership in flow control technology for more than 35 years, the launch unites each product in the series with the reputation for quality and repeatable, high performance embodied in Hydro-Brake® brand name.

Comprising Hydro-Brake® Flood, Hydro-Brake® Optimum, Hydro-Brake® Agile and Hydro-Brake® Orifice, the Hydro-Brake® Flow Control Series provides sustainable, performance-optimised water attenuation and control, whatever the project.

Alex Stephenson, Market Development Director for Hydro International said: “The name Hydro-Brake® has always been synonymous with rigorous research and continuous product development. The Hydro-Brake® Flow Control Series now offers designers, developers and contractors scalable, precision flow control performance for every site and budget – from flows of just a few litres per second up to major flood defence schemes of many thousands of litres per second.

“In all parts of the UK, new regulations and technical guidance are driving forward the implementation of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) and improved flood defences, while water and sewerage providers are finding their networks stretched beyond the capacity for which they were first designed and constructed. Choosing from the Hydro-Brake® Flow Control Series will help problem-free progress though planning consents, construction and adoption.

“Choosing a Hydro-Brake® flow control means you can be sure of a device that is optimised for through-life value, to deliver buildable, predictable and maintainable projects.”

The Hydro-Brake® Flow Control Series comprises:

  • Hydro-Brake® Flood, a highly sustainable, precision-engineered vortex flow control for flood defence from small dispersed schemes to major watercourse control.
  • Hydro-Brake® Optimum, Hydro International’s flagship passive flow control device, independently accredited by both the BBA and WRc, the only vortex flow control for which the head and discharge relationship can be custom engineered for each design, saving space and costs.
  • Hydro-Brake® Agile, a float-activated flow control that achieves a constant rate of discharge, and therefore the minimum upstream storage over a wide range of heads, particularly suitable for constrained sites.
  • Hydro-Brake® Orifice, a precision-cut orifice plate that delivers cost-effective, precise flow control.

Hydro-Brake® Flow Controls can be supplied pre-fitted in precast, reinforced concrete chambers for quick and easy installation, with the potential to significantly reduce CDM (Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015) risks on site.

Designers and developers need to adapt their drainage designs to meet increasingly varied planning and environmental stipulations. Hydro International’s technical team is available to advise on correct flow control selection and design and ensure flow rates and upstream storage requirements are balanced to provide the best-possible drainage performance over the duration of a storm.

For more information about the Hydro-Brake® Flow Control Series, call the Hydro-Brake® Hotline on 01275 337937, email or visit