The Stiltz Home Lift offers building industry professionals a ground-breaking, compact through-floor mobility solution which provides access to all areas of the home, without the limitations of stairs.

With a growth in popularity for domestic applications, clients are looking more and more towards home lifts. They are chosing domestic lifts for a wide range of reasons; from comfort to prestige, for care needs or as a future-proofing investment.

The Stiltz Home Lifts range is versatile and stylish. The lift is ergonomically designed with sleek lines and a semi-transparent lift car body. Because it blends into the background of any room no sooner have you admired it then you can forget about it and just get on with living your life.

A Stiltz lift can be installed virtually anywhere within the home thanks to its self-supporting structure, which means there is no need to fix to existing, or build new, load bearing walls. It has a small footprint of less than one square metre, but is still roomy enough to comfortably carry two people.

Unlike a traditional domestic lift, the unique Stiltz Home Lift is not powered by noisy hydraulic equipment, there is no need for a lift shaft or pit and it is very quiet when running between floors. Thanks to its built-in drive system, the lift plugs straight into a domestic 13amp power socket, just like any other household appliance, which saves on energy.

Stiltz Lifts has designed their products with safety in mind. Every lift includes hold to run controls, weight limit sensors, out of balance sensors and sensors which halt the lift if there is an obstruction. There is also a battery back-up to carry passengers safely to their destination in the event of a power cut. Optional extras include bespoke colours and finishes, interior grab rail, telephone and a comfortable folding seat.

The versatile Stiltz Home Lift can be fitted in many locations around the home, with the most popular installation choice from a hallway or living room up to a main bedroom or landing area. It can also be fitted within a turning staircase, slotting into the dead space in the void or it can be completely hidden from view in a downstairs cupboard travelling up to an airing cupboard or wardrobe space. If desired, the lift can also be positioned centre stage in a room as once the lift car is on the other floor, all that remains are two descreet vertical rails.

All that a Stiltz domestic lift requires for installation is a qualified builder to cut and trim the appropriate ceiling aperture – a quick and simple process. Stiltz engineers can then have the lift operational in no more than a single day for a standard application.

Homes with sloping ceilings can also now benefit from a Stiltz Home Lift. Because the lift rails only need a horizontal surface to fix to, these quick modifications can be made to complete the installation. For end users looking for quick and safe access from their garage into their home, construction of a simple shaft can make it possible for a domestic lift to be fitted in this area, too. For less mobile customers, Stiltz now offer a home lift which with sufficient capacity to accommodate a standard-sized wheelchair.

Stiltz provide a range of lift models from the entry-level Classic to the prestigious Lifton Home Lifts brand. So whatever the requirements of the client, the Stiltz Home Lift can easily slot into any building project and make a huge difference to their lives.

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Looks like a passenger lift? Check. Functions like a passenger lift? Check. All the gorgeous interior options of a passenger lift range? No problem!

Whilst technically being a machinery directive platform lift, our Piccolo looks just like a passenger lift with sliding doors, fully automatic cabin and landing controls. With its compact shaft size, minimal pit and headroom and its use of single-phase power supply, it’s the passenger lift your project needs with none of the headache.

Plus – we have made the installation of this groundbreaking product even easier with the introduction of the Stannah FX structure option. Unique to Stannah, the FX structure comprises of a ‘shaft within a shaft’. Erected by our engineers, it negates the need for scaffolding within the shaft – saving both time and money on site. Travel is now up to 12m and with smaller cabin sizes available, this lift is now even more adaptable to your project.

Piccolo offers the best of both worlds and is ideal in sites where digging a pit is neither practical nor possible. It delivers much of the functionality of a passenger lift but can be accommodated in surprisingly small spaces. It’s a great alternative to a traditional platform lift when the position of the lift is against a load bearing wall and a shaft can easily be created. It’s stylish, conventional appearance means it looks great in both public buildings, schools and colleges, shops and restaurants or even in your own home. It lends itself well to existing buildings but is equally at home in new-build projects.

The only thing you have to worry about with a Piccolo lift is letting us know your specifications. This is the lift for passengers – that isn’t a passenger lift!

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