For employees to perform well at their work, good lighting is essential as it has a positive effect on both employee mood and productivity. Conversely, poor lighting degrades employee performance and also has a negative impact on health and safety in the work place.

For industrial applications, such as warehouses and factories, it’s a constant struggle to ensure lighting levels are maintained to a good standard.

Warehouse lighting by its very nature can reach heights of 4m and higher and often requires specialist machinery, such as a cherry picker, to perform routine maintenance or lamp replacements. This has a negative impact on productivity as areas are temporarily suspended whilst lighting operations are completed. To help effectively maintain the lighting in these applications many businesses undertake costly annual lamp replacement programmes to ensure the lighting in the working environment meets CIBSIE guidelines.

JCC has launched a new innovative Industrial LED offering Toughbay™ which looks to help eliminate these costly maintenance programmes.

The Toughbay™ range consists of high bay and low bay variants to replace traditional metal halide and fluorescent lamp technologies and can help reduce energy costs by up to 50%. The variants range from 7,500 lumens to 23,700 lumens, and have been developed to provide solutions for all requirements and mounting heights within industrial lighting applications.

Traditionally HID metal halide fittings can lose as much as 50% of their light output within the first half of their lifetime whilst still consuming the same amount of energy. This causes significant inefficiencies for businesses. JCC’s Toughbay™ range not only provides an outstanding energy saving it can be used with on/off and step dim sensing to provide a 75% energy saving against traditional metal halide and fluorescent lamps. Businesses can now look to save money on their lighting rather than have energy costs dominate their expenditure.

HID metal halide lamps are incompatible with occupancy sensing due their 15 minutes warm up and cool down time. Toughbay™ has been specifically designed to use with JCC Leviton’s multi-functional sensors which can be mounted up to 15m high and has a 16m wide detection range. For example, it can allow for savings on low footfall areas that aren’t required to be fully lit throughout the day.

Toughbay’s durable and reliable design is the result of the following features:

  • Toughbay’s Meanwell IP67 driver is distinctively positioned on the outside of the fitting allowing the air to freely flow around the fitting, helping it to maintain a consistent operating temperature. As a consequence of Toughbay™ producing intense levels of light, the LED chips and driver both emit heat and by keeping them separate the LED chips become unaffected by the drivers’ heat emissions.
  • The high output LED chips have an efficacy of up to 109 lumens per circuit Watt. The wide LED array is designed to maximise on the heat dissipation. Unlike a chip on board (COB) design, where the heat is condensed in one area, the LED array of Toughbay™ ensures that no heat build-up occurs as it disperses the heat evenly throughout the fitting.
  • Toughbay’s unique design incorporates the heat sink into the body of the fitting which helps improve airflow and heat dissipation. This intelligent thermal management reduces Toughbay’s operating temperature and improve its’ reliability.
  • Toughbay™ provides the maximum impact resistant rating of IK10. The high quality shatter proof polycarbonate diffuser provides extra safety and assurance in the workplace. Traditional lamp based fixtures often have low impact ratings and pose a high risk of shattering. Not only does this increase the probability of lamp failures but results in many fixtures requiring accessories to catch falling glass.

Toughbay™ key features:

  • Ultra efficient with up to 109 lpcw
  • Up to 50% energy saving
  • Durable construction – IP65 and IK10 rated
  • Suitable for extreme operating temperatures -30°/+60°
  • Adjustable mounting heights

To find out more about Toughbay™ visit us at or contact our customer advisor team on 01243 838999.