The Telegraph suggests that the percentages shown represent the chances of one of the above becoming the next leader of the conservative party and Prime Minister of the country. The rank outsider has of course already meddled in the role of Prime Minister and a few other also-rans are in the lower 10% but the outright leader is Rishi Sunak, running a good 18% ahead of Penny Mordaunt. Fortunately we only have to wait a week for an answer. The next big distraction could be a General Election!

In the meantime we, the people they represent, continue to shiver as we look to a winter without warmth accompanied by a sense of deepening dread, as the value of the pound in our pocket sinks lower against the cost of our necessary commodities.

Our industries, in particular construction, face a mountain of costs and regulation confusion that makes it hard to get on with the real job of rebuilding Britain.
Meanwhile they the government continue to quibble and the pound ping pongs, more down that up.


It really is time for some common sense, but sadly I am not convinced there is a candidate that can deliver such an out-dated virtue.



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