Samuel Hunt (left) and Andrew Haehn ( right) Co-founders of Materials Market


Post Enquiry  – Compare Offers –  Place Order: Revolutionary new website that simplifies buying

 A new website called Materials Market has launched to help the construction industry make faster, smarter, and more cost-effective decisions when buying materials.

This next-generation platform allows customers to access multiple suppliers from across the UK with the click of a button. When a customer posts an enquiry, it gets sent to dozens of suppliers who have 24 hours to give their best price. Customers can choose from more than 7,000 building products and typically receive at least three offers for each enquiry within the space of an hour or so.

Materials Market is simple to use and gives you unprecedented access to a huge number of suppliers”, said Samuel Hunt  Co-founder of Materials Market. “Post an enquiry on any of our 7,000 products, compare your offers, place your order – it’s as simple as that.”



As with many tech innovations, Materials Market was born out of frustration. Its co-founders, who have years of experience working in the construction industry, are all too familiar with the daily struggle of contacting supplier after supplier looking for the best price and lead time.

Two years ago, after spending another three hours of my morning trying to contact multiple suppliers for quotations, an idea came to me”, Hunt continues. “I knew there had to be a better way of getting quotations quickly, and an online platform, where suppliers made transparent offers on customer enquiries, seemed like the best solution.

Andrew Haehn co-founder of Materials Market, said: “It takes less than a minute to create a completely free customer account and then you’re ready to go. We have spent years in development to create this unique, custom-made platform. We are delighted to have welcomed many great suppliers on board offering a wide range of heavyside building products. Materials Market is proud to be pioneering a new approach to procurement and leading the way in construction technology”

Materials Market

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