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Sika Liquid Plastics suits iconic Liverpool Cotton Exchange building

A Sika Liquid Plastics waterproofing system has proved to be the perfect fit for one of Liverpool’s most historic office buildings, The Cotton Exchange.

Registered Sika Liquid Plastics contractor and national concrete repairer, Grade 2 Specialist Structural Repairs, based in the North West, were specified for the job after the company applied to go on a Liquid Plastics contractor scheme. Part of the process Grade 2 had undertaken was to put three projects forward, The Cotton Exchange being one of them.

Grade 2 were briefed to carry out isolated concrete repairs to wall areas along with restorations to all the decoration works to the exterior of the property. The Cotton Exchange also required a Sika Liquid Plastics product that was watertight, ensured longevity and was aesthetically pleasing to the human eye; this led to the specification of the Sika 618 and Sika Reemat premium being installed.

“The building is designated by English Heritage as a Grade II listed building; it has a very unusual looking roof, it looks a bit like an air-raid shelter,” Grade 2’s operations manager Steve Parry comments.

“The shape of the roof caused a few problems for us, especially when the application of the first coat had been completed as we kept slipping off it when applying the final coat, due to the unusual contour of the roof. However, working with a liquid applied membrane certainly made the job a lot easier.”

“It was finished on time, on budget and the client is very pleased with the outcome of the repairs so it has been a very successful project for all involved.”

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