More dates have been added to Rinnai UK’s 2016 training programme to cater for the increasing number of engineers and specifiers turning on to the energy saving benefits of gas fired continuous flow water heaters.

Rinnai has seen a massive increase in interest for its complete and comprehensive range of highly efficient ErP labelled A-rated continuous flow water heaters. The company supplies models from the smallest domestic unit to super-size industrial appliances, and since the introduction of energy labelling, demand from engineers for training on the Rinnai Infinity range has rocketed.

The demand has led Rinnai, which believes in making it easy for professionals to experience hands on training with its technologically advanced product, to schedule a new tranche of tailor-made, flexible courses that allow engineers the opportunity to explore at first hand the practical and energy saving benefits of continuous flow gas fired water heaters and to familiarise themselves with the technology.

Rinnai training specialist Ian Jenkins says: “Since ErP, enquires for Rinnai Infinity units have increased exponentially as the transparency of energy labelling allows specifiers and end users to compare products and make an informed choice. As a result of this surge in interest, so far this year we have trained 66% more engineers. These have included our bespoke courses designed to fit in with the modern time demands for professionals. We have also seen a large increase in CPD modules all over the UK.”

“The most popular course modules are ‘Understanding ACOP L8 and hot water system design’ and ‘System design incorporating continuous flow and renewables’,” says Jenkins.

The hands-on training events are aimed primarily at engineers and facilities managers, and cover both traditional and new technologies for commercial water heating and highlight the considerable energy and monetary savings that can be achieved by installation of a continuous flow hot water system.

Courses can be arranged to suit individual requirements either at Rinnai’s Runcorn, Cheshire HQ in the dedicated training facility or if preferred, Rinnai will take the module to the customer’s workplace or other venue convenient to delegates.

Since August and up to October Jenkins has organised a course every week for Gas engineers as well as catering for the needs of other customers and consultants in the private and public sectors.

The additional course dates announced by Rinnai for engineer training are:
27 September and 27 October, 24 November: ‘Service and fault diagnostics (Water heaters)’. These courses are open to engineers, are free, and available at Rinnai’s Runcorn HQ.

The comprehensive engineer training course line-up for 2016 includes nine modules: Rinnai product overview; Continuous flow and the future of water heating; Intermediate water heater; Continuous flow – Excellence in design; Service and fault diagnostics (Water heaters); Service and fault diagnostics (Energy saver warm air units); Understanding ACOP L8 and hot water system design; Maximising renewable gain in hot water design; and, Continuous flow as an innovative method of satisfying energy and regulatory demands.

CPD Roadshow courses are also available, designed by Jenkins for M&E consultants and specifiers, design and build engineers, facilities managers and gas contractors. These courses have already attracted praise from CIBSE. For example, it says of the CONTINUOUS FLOW WATER HEATING SYSTEM SIZING AND DESIGN course: “The course delivers what it outlines and is well constructed.”

“As demand for the A-rated Rinnai range continues to grow, our flexible training ensures key market personnel at all levels, nationwide training from our highly skilled team of technical experts, guaranteeing expertise with the products both for specification, system design and installation. The courses also ensure delegates will be up to speed with any changes in legislation and product developments,” says Chris Goggin, Rinnai UK Associate Director.

For more information contact Ian Jenkins on +44 (0)1928 531 870 or email

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