Redring Selectronic Premier, the UK’s number one care shower, has achieved the highest A class energy efficiency rating, in line with the new Energy-related Products Directive.

Trusted by care professionals for over 25 years, the Selectronic Premier range of thermostatic showers features advanced temperature control technology, intuitive user controls and rapid one-button commissioning for an intelligent and safe showering solution that is easy to use and install.

Selectronic Premier uses highly accurate thermostatic technology to maintain constant water temperatures within just +/-0.5°C, while adjustable temperature locking allows maximum water temperatures to be set.

Large one-touch start/stop and temperature control buttons together with a large LED display and audio feedback allow easy shower operation. Plus, smart data logger technology tracks showering patterns to save energy and monitor usage, and a unique fault-finder system allows problems to be diagnosed and solved, with no need for an engineer.

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