Polypipe Ventilation, manufacturer of market leading energy saving domestic ventilation systems, is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative new Silavent air management controller, AMIE and a new range of Domus duct sound attenuators – designed to provide residents with greater control and comfort over their indoor environment.

The stylish Silavent AMIE (Air Management for Indoor Environments) controller provides enhanced control of Polypipe’s award winning Silavent Green Line HRX and HRX2 Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems. A compact, wall mounted unit, AMIE enables the resident to directly manage the humidity and ambient air temperature of their dwelling through two main MVHR functions: extract fan boost speed operation, to help remove humid, unhealthy air and heat exchanger (summer) bypass to stop the unit from supplying pre-warmed air into the home; making AMIE ideal for summer and night time cooling.

There are often times within a domestic property when increased ventilation (boost rate) is required to remove excess humidity and temperature. Silavent AMIE provides the resident with the ability to boost the air flow through the MVHR system either automatically by humidity level sensing or manually using an external switch or push button. In the case of the latter, the MVHR unit will return to background speed after 15 minutes.

The MVHR unit’s summer bypass facility, which helps prevent homes from overheating during the warmer months – a popular option on the HRX MVHR models, can be more effectively controlled automatically using Silavent AMIE by room temperature sensing or programmed time settings. As households perceive what is a comfortable indoor air environment differently, AMIE very flexibly offers nine, easy to use pre set programmes to select from and a further four user defined bespoke programmes available with clear on screen instructions to follow.

In addition, Silavent AMIE has the option to proactively provide an MVHR filter cleaning reminder every 3,000 hours (approximately four months) and replacement reminder every 9,000 hours, helping to ensure healthy and clean indoor air quality is maintained

The second most recent key product launch for Polypipe Ventilation is the Domus duct sound attenuators, often referred to as Silencers, which offer improved sound attenuation and thermal insulation.

Domus rigid duct sound attenuators provide a simple, cost-effective solution to reduce nuisance noise from whole house mechanical ventilation systems which connect to a centralised appliance ducted to a number of different room outlets (such as an MVHR system). They effectively absorb sound over a range of audible frequencies, including traffic noise, noise from the ventilation fan and room to room cross talk. Building on the success of the previous sound attenuators, the new range provides greater sound attenuation than ever before, reducing noise levels by as much as 50dB; most importantly at the audible levels that are most commonly heard about the home.

Incorporating rigid duct sound attenuators into a whole house system is not only beneficial for home occupants but also helps installers and developers meet Building Regulation recommendations, which advise the system should not produce excessive noise as this may lead to the user adjusting the system detrimentally.

Third party verified by the Sound Research Laboratories (SRL), the new Domus rigid duct sound attenuators, which are designed for use with Polypipe’s most popular rectangular 204x60mm and 220x90mm duct systems are also now available for use with Domus Thermal duct insulation. Domus Thermal is a patented insulation system which will not only improve the thermal performance of the system, but also complies with Building Regulation requirements.

Keeping the homeowner’s indoor environment in mind, Polypipe have also manufactured the new Domus duct sound attenuators with Microban® protected foam to protect against microbial growth for a clean and fresh ventilation system.

Polypipe Ventilation has a well deserved reputation for quality, supported by excellent technical support, from a market leading manufacturer and designer. Polypipe Ventilation are well placed to offer immediate, practical solutions to Building Regulations Parts F & L. The company continues to provide differentiated solutions in the private and social housing sectors, transforming the way developers, specifiers, installers, home owners and distributors meet emerging environmental standards.

For more information, please go to www.polypipe.com/ventilation or contact Polypipe Ventilation on 08443 715523.