By Paul Simpson, Commercial Director at Gradient


When renovation space is at a premium, roof terraces are gaining in popularity as an attractive and purposeful way to revitalise and utilise an otherwise redundant area of a building. However, when insulating a flat roof to accommodate a terrace or balcony extension, which type of system is suitable when build-up thickness is an issue?

Gradient’s Deck-VQ® vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) succeed where traditional products fail. Super-thin with an ultra-high thermal performance, Deck-VQ insulation ensures required U-values can be met without the need for costly, time-consuming structural changes when space is limited.

Panel availability

Deck-VQ® insulation is based on four modular flat roof sizes: 1200x600mm, 1200x300mm; 600x600mm; 600x300mm, with two thicknesses of 45mm and 60mm. Despite its slender form, its 60mm board delivers a thermal performance of 0.008 W/mK (45mm: 0.009 W/mK) whilst its VIP core provides a Lambda value of 0.006 W/mK. With Deck-VQ®, Gradient has introduced an industry-leading product which harnesses the superior insulating properties of a VIP panel and fully encapsulates it within a PIR protective shell.

Installation guide

A wealth of scientific research and industry knowledge has gone into making the installation of Deck-VQ® as straightforward and convenient as possible. A guide on how to install Deck-VQ vacuum insulation panels is available to VIEW HERE:

Deck-VQ® offers an extremely high insulation value and long-term performance whilst maintaining the existing roof structure, thereby avoiding costly modification and increasing on-site costs.

VIP benefits

VIPs are the best available insulation on the commercial market but by their nature, should they become damaged due to puncture, it would severely affect their insulation performance. VIP technology awareness has become more widespread in the UK construction sector in recent times. It led to VIP manufacturers being urged by industry members to create a product that contractors found simple to install and wouldn’t damage easily.

Bespoke service

As part of its superior service provision, Gradient’s technical teams provide a bespoke project specific layout to ensure the insulation fits before it even arrives on site. Thin, flat roof insulation in the form of Deck-VQ® is compatible with adhered single-ply membranes and bituminous systems, meaning it can be used with existing construction technologies. Deck-VQ® VIPs are fully-protected, making them easy to transport and store on site.

Fit for modern purpose

By enabling occupiers to install quality insulation in limited-space areas out-of-bounds to other products, as a flat roof solution Deck-VQ® is ideal for creating interiors which thrive and excel in terms of comfort and wellbeing. The panel’s superior thermal credentials come to the fore in enabling even the most complex projects to be carried out in a time and cost-effective manner by reducing on-site working times and materials.

With property owners and developers looking to maximise an ever-decreasing amount of living and building space, Deck-VQ® is absolutely fit-for-purpose for the current construction climate.


For more information on Deck-VQ®, the market-leading, super-thin flat roof insulation

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