Low energy consumption is high on the agenda for the new Firex® range of smoke and heat alarms, alongside a host of other advanced features ideally suited to all types of housing.

For many years, Firex® has proved itself as a popular range of cost-effective hard-wired, interconnectable alarms, satisfying Building Regulations and British Standards requirements. The latest generation of Firex® optical and ionisation smoke alarms, and heat alarms offers Standard, Long Life and Rechargeable battery back-up versions of each sensing technology, giving nine options in all.

The latest range is fully compatible with all previous Firex® alarms and highlights several new advanced features. A particularly important benefit is the substantially lower, maximum mains energy consumption of less than 15mA – in the order of just 3.5W and less than many household items left on standby. This represents a 70% energy saving over previous models, ensuring significantly lower running costs and improving a building’s sustainability credentials.

Other new features include an Alarm Memory Function where a flashing LED continues after an alarm has been triggered to easily and quickly identify the source unit. The three new optical alarms now feature dust compensation and a bug screen to help minimize nuisance alarms. All the models retain popular Firex® features including a combined Test/Hush button, Auto-reset facility and a tamper-resistant locking device. Up to 23 Firex® alarms can be interlinked creating a network for protection throughout the home. Firex® can also form part of Kidde’s ‘Smart Interconnect’ feature which creates a comprehensive system for whole home protection, interlinking the company’s hard-wired smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms.

Additional accessories are also available for use with Firex® alarms. A surface-mounting base allows simple installation, particularly for retrofitting with trunking or conduit, and a relay pattress can operate other devices – such as door-closers, warning lights, horns and warden-call systems – when an alarm is triggered. The wired Remote Test and Hush unit allows for system testing of interconnected alarms and to hush unwanted alarms from a single location.

Firex® is manufactured and supplied exclusively by Kidde, a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation. For more information or to contact Kidde Sales, email: sales@kiddesafety.co.uk or call: 01753 766 392.