Fernox has launched an enhanced range of commercial chemical water treatments, which includes: FC1 Inhibitor, FC3 Cleaner and FC1 Filter Fluid+ Inhibitor. Specifically designed for larger commercial systems, the three new products provide contractors with the high quality and reliable solutions needed to maintain energy efficient heating systems and protect vital system components from breakdown and failure.

Featured within the range is the universal, powerful FC3 Cleaner. Its formulation has been designed to purge commercial systems from harmful sludge and debris and restore the efficiency of existing systems. The effective product is also ideal as a pre-commission cleaner for new installations and suitable for use when conventionally flushing.

Once the system water is clean, the best-in-class FC1 Inhibitor should be utilised to protect against limescale build-up and corrosion formation. The FC1 Inhibitor is a proven formulation that is left within the system to maintain system efficiency and extend component longevity.

In cases where conventional flushing is difficult, not practical or even where high pressure powerflushing could create further system problems, then the unique FC1 Filter Fluid+ Inhibitor is recommended. The product combines the proven effectiveness of F1 inhibitor with an active dispersant package to detect, lift and deliver contaminants to a system filter.

For example when used together, FC1 Filter Fluid + Inhibitor and the TF1 Delta Filter will continuously protect against circulating debris that could cause system damage or breakdown – working to restore system efficiency. This complete solution mitigates the need for a system shutdown.

Also featured within the commercial chemical range is the popular Alphi-11 Antifreeze Protector. With proven capabilities and a reliable performance, the product is both non-toxic and compatible with metals and materials commonly used in heating systems. Alphi-11 can be left in the system all year to prevent frost damage and freezing pipework to temperatures down to -22 ̊C. Additionally, the combined antifreeze and inhibitor package avoids the need for a winter drain down and prolongs system life.

“Commercial heating systems are vulnerable to the build-up of sludge, scale and corrosion, all of which not only has a detrimental effect on system performance and carbon emissions but also affect the longevity of the system,” said Francine Wickham, Global Marketing Director at Fernox. “Our complete range of chemical water treatment and filter technology allows contractors to maximise the energy efficiency of commercial systems and protect vital and expensive system components from premature breakdown.”

FC1 Inhibitor, FC3 Cleaner and FC1 Filter Fluid+ Inhibitor are available in 20 litre packs and Alphi-11 Antifreeze Protector is available in a 25 litre pack.

For more information on Fernox’s new commercial chemical water treatments, visit: www.fernox.com.