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Marley Eternit has launched a ground-breaking new Dry Verge system that will make it quicker and easier for contractors and housebuilders to fit to NHBC and British Standards, whilst offering outstanding performance and durability.

Unlike anything else on the market, the new Universal Dry Verge is compatible with all three major interlocking tile types – large standard, medium format (15” by 9”) and large format thin leading edge, as well as Marley Eternit’s own Lincoln clay interlocking pantile.

This means contractors only need to buy and carry one type of dry verge for use with the majority of manufacturers’ interlocking tiles and merchants can consolidate their stock holding with just one system instead of multiple versions.

Marley Eternit’s new system has also been designed to be much easier to fit than existing dry verge products. Developed in conjunction with roofing contractors, it includes a quick starter-verge fixing that can be installed even if the gutter is already in place. This provides an easy-to-install, robust method of securing the first verge unit – providing subtle, yet visible evidence to housebuilders and the NHBC of a correct and secure fix.

Gavin White, technical product manager from Marley Eternit, explains: “The decline in mortar use means the dry verge market is huge, with many products to choose from. Some of these are limited in compatibility and also value engineered to make them more affordable, which inevitably has implications on the performance and durability of the systems. At the same time, the correct and secure fixing of dry verge systems is coming under greater scrutiny, particularly by warranty providers such as the NHBC.

“We were the first manufacturer to launch an interlocking dry verge system back in the 1980s and our original Dry Verge was a revolutionary product. As such, we wanted to use our expertise to design a brand new Universal Dry Verge system that takes the best from the original version, with its renowned aesthetics and quality, and builds on it to make it even easier to fit to BS 5534 and NHBC standards, with the greatest compatibility of anything currently on the market.”

While many dry verge products are sold as being universal, to date, none have been compatible with all three main interlocking tile types. Marley Eternit’s new Universal Dry Verge has been designed with a unique internal rail system and leading edge hinge, so it can be used with the majority of popular interlocking tile types from most manufacturers. This saves roofers the hassle of buying and carrying different verges and enables merchants to keep just one verge unit in stock that is compatible with many tiles, saving cost and space.

In addition, the new Universal Dry Verge is made from an extremely durable form of polypropylene, which has outstanding weather resistance – particularly to freeze/thaw cycles and UV degradation. It includes unique drainage features which help correctly channel rain water to prevent gable end staining – a common problem for some verge systems that do not incorporate this functionality. This means specifiers and installers get a product that gives peace of mind in terms of product longevity and no call backs.

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