Marine survey tender launched for UK-Netherlands interconnector

National Grid Interconnector and European grid operator Tennet are seeking contractors to undertake marine surveys for a proposed interconnector between the UK and the Netherlands.

The Eurolink project will involve the installation of offshore and onshore underground direct current cables (HVDC) between the Netherlands and Suffolk, UK. It will also involve the construction of a converter station in each country.

The capacity of the link will be 1,400MW. The project is still in the early stages of development.

National Grid Interconnector has identified the need for an HVDC interconnector installation over a cumulative distance of approximately 200km. Surveys are thus required to establish suitability of a preferred route alignment.

The Eurolink marine survey contract is divided into four lots.

Lots one and two involve marine geophysical survey work for the cable and platform, as well as shallow marine geotechnical survey work 3-10m below seabed. Lots three and four involve deep marine geotechnical surveying at 50-100m below the seabed. The contracts will last 12 months and take place either in 2023 or 2024.

Interested parties can submit tenders until 23 September.

Eurolink is a “project of common interest” as set under ENTSO-E Central European Funding initiative.

Last year, National Grid Interconnector launched a tender for contractors to undertake seabed surveys for its Nautilus Interconnector project between England and Belgium.

The proposed multi-purpose electricity link between the UK and Belgium could unlock 1.4GW of offshore wind capacity. It would include underground cabling works and onshore infrastructure located in East Suffolk.

Source: GeoPlus

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