Reacting to what customers want, as always, the technical team at Marflow Hydronics has modified its portfolio of manifold solutions and has just relaunched them as the Diversiflow range.

A centrally located, multi terminal manifold unit provides significant benefits when compared with the conventional approach of installing individual valve sets at each terminal unit. The Diversiflow manifold system houses all of the valves required for a group of terminal units in a single, insulated box and this provides easy and convenient access for the commissioning and maintenance of a number of chilled beams or fan coil units.

Nick Martin, Technical Manager, says “We have extended our range and we now offer four different types of multiple valve sets. We have the Large Linear, Small Side Entry, Large Bi-Lateral and Small Linear. They are all designed to be used with multiple terminal units and massive savings can be made in terms of commissioning time, as there’s no longer a need to visit each individual terminal unit to perform the task. Just visit the one manifold box and all the units can be adjusted.”

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