Business improvement specialists LC International has rebranded and unveiled a new name, BBI Services which is effective from Friday 10 December.


The name change to BBI Services, which stands for Building Business Improvement, is intended to truly reflect the organisation’s purpose, capabilities and business impact. It comes at a significant time for the business which has recently increased its scope of services and work within the built environment in the UK and overseas.


CEO of LC International/BBI Services, Mark Worrall, said: “We work to build business improvement with clients, contractors, suppliers and consultancies and we impact at every level.


“Our way of thinking is fundamentally based on lean principles and effects the end-to-end life cycle of project delivery, and every function or area within an organisation.


“We have embarked on a rebrand to make sure our business name better reflects what we do and truly ‘does what it says on the tin’ so people understand we’re here to build business improvement across the built environment.


“Our team has a great breadth and depth of knowledge to support clients and our new name demonstrates this. We recognise and understand the existing challenges in the industry and our portfolio of services is designed to tackle them head on.


“We focus on programme betterment, productivity, quality, skills, sustainability and do this in a collaborative integrated way. We work with you to deliver transformational performance improvement to support the construction and production mindset.


“From specialist support to word class training and coaching, at BBI, we’re driven to unite the power of people, performance and processes to help your business succeed.”


For more information about BBI Services and how the specialist team can support your teams and business, visit:  

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