Kingspan Klargester’s Guide to Sewage Treatment Systems awarded CPD status by CIBSE

Building engineers, architects and specifiers needing to understand the myriad of legislation and regulation surrounding the sizing and specifying of private drainage will now benefit from clear, professional guidance issued by the world’s leading experts.

Kingspan Klargester, the UK’s foremost manufacturer of off-mains drainage solutions, has published a new presentation on specifying commercial waste water treatment entitled, A Guide to Sewage Treatment Systems. The advice is designed to ensure that architects and specifiers feel confident in designing the correct solutions for offices, schools, hotels etc, and that their professional recommendations meet the stringent legally-binding requirements that surround waste water management.

The presentation has been approved by the Chartered Institute for Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) for its Continuous Professional Development programme, created to help members keep up-to-date on legal requirements, technical advances as well as their own personal development.

Compiled by Kingspan Klargester’s highly-experienced technical team – many of whom have been involved in the drafting of legislation and official guidance on waste water best practice – A Guide to Sewage Treatment Systems explains the nature of waste water treatment and the options available to manage effluent. These include either pumping it to the mains sewer (as a preference) or, if that is not an option, then treating the sewage before filtering it through a suitably-sized drainage field. The slides include step-by-step advice on tightly regulated areas such as site assessment and assessing the nature of the waste water to be treated. It then explains how to use this information to size and how to design and specify the right solution for a wide range of individual situations.

A Guide to Sewage Treatment Systems is illustrated by examples of different building types and installations all of which have different uses and therefore different requirements. These include pubs, hotels, camping and amenity sites to illustrate the potential complexity and individuality of each, and particularly highlighting the value and support provided by British Water’s Flows and Loads 4 guidance.

“Determining what represents the best off-mains solution for a building that might have varying levels of occupancy is understandably still a testing challenge for engineers, architects and specifiers,” says Geoff Oakley, Kingspan Klargester’s Technical Sales Manager.

“Heightened environmental standards, more stringent controls, European guidelines and the Building Regulations have placed greater importance than ever before on the need for properly specified solutions. And rightly so – nothing is more unappetizing (or unhygienic) than overflowing toilets and drains. Our advice and solutions can be trusted to be compliant and proven because our expert team have always been at the forefront of influencing legislation, from the very start.”

A Guide to Sewage Treatment Systems will provide architects and specifiers with best practice from start to finish and we are delighted it’s been afforded this recognition by CIBSE.”

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