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Several market opportunities are opening up for the UK construction industry for 2019 and beyond. In particular, there is projected growth in residential housing following government initiatives and beyond that maintenance and upgrading to housing will be required. Above all, sustainable housing and houses that suit their occupants through the whole of their lives will be key.


Lifton Home Lifts has a firm commitment to sustainability and minimising impact on the environment, as well as providing a desirable look and feel and a versatile solution which gives home owners full use of their property for the whole of their lives. The Lifton range of lifts is slimline and elegant suiting a renovation project, adaptation plan or brand-new build and most importantly each lift uses no more energy than a standard domestic appliance.


Installed in even the most compact spaces thanks to its small footprint of 0.55m2 and its innovative, self-supporting structure, Lifton’s technology allows a lift to glide along its own stilts which are held in place at the ceiling and the floor.


Each lift is fitted with an integrated drive system, meaning that an advanced wire rope hoist system is concealed in the top of the lift that is quiet and durable. The built-in sensors automatically detect obstructions above or below the lift when it is moving, allowing the lift to come to a smooth stop until the obstruction is removed.


Operationally, the controls are designed to be minimalist and easy to use. One simple push-button sets the lift in motion and two handy remote controls can call the lift from a different floor. For the lift to be powered, it simply needs to be plugged into a standard domestic power socket.


In addition to its iconic style and flexible installation options, the Lifton Home Lift also provides home owners who want to upgrade their home for medical reasons, with a product that looks aesthetically pleasing as well as providing an immediate mobility solution. The LiftonTRIO Home Lift is a very popular product for wheelchair use, as it is spacious, looks great and has the option to enter and exit from both sides.

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