Ventilation design and specification for multi-occupancy buildings is now as simple as A,B,C through an innovative approach pioneered by Gilberts.

Britain’s leading air movement specialist is the first to develop a stock, single-unit hybrid solution focussed on natural ventilation with heat recovery- its Mistrale Fusion System (MFS). The company’s pioneering approach has continued, with the evolution of the system that now enables simple addition of extra elements.

Thus, the core MFS is manufactured as a standard product, with ‘add-on’ items to meet the varying specifications of each project. Elements such as heating coils, filters, silencers, duct connection outlets and louvre transformation, plus a range of air volumes for warm up or purge ventilation, to supplement the standard airflow rates, ensure the MFS brings a comprehensive hybrid solution to the extensive, variable building demands for ventilation.

“Using this modular approach makes it as simple as possible for the precise needs of each room to be met, in line with the latest F.O.S and BB101 requirements,” explains Gilberts’ Technical Director Roy Jones. “It means the MFS is retained as a standard, individual module to which bespoke parts are added in compliance with the architectural requirements, simplifying and accelerating the whole building services design, supply and installation process.

Further, because Gilberts undertakes all R&D in-house, it can still efficiently tailor-engineer the MFS to create a bespoke answer to individual project demands. Thus, all involved in the construction supply process benefit from a commercially viable single source strategy.

The approach has been exemplified in delivery of a number of schools- new build and refurbishment. Gilberts’ MFS enabled the precise requirements of each classroom to be accommodated- level of occupation, room orientation, site geography- even in those learning spaces with complex needs such as IT suites, science laboratories and SEN special needs classrooms.

It also meant project-specific design constraints could be overcome- for example one façade included a 6° deviation from the vertical, so Gilberts engineered a bespoke duct transition piece and special louvre system to ensure an airtight fit. In another, there was no suitable external façade, so Gilberts engineered a vertical solution to provide intake and extraction through the roof.

“The flexibility of the product are limited only by the building designer’s imagination!” adds Roy Jones. “The standard permutations cover almost every core requirement; our ability to develop, engineer and test bespoke strategies means that an issue which may normally be a deal-breaker can be addressed and turned into a deal-maker: a true one stop shop solution with the benefits of modular design.”

MFS is just part of Gilberts’ diverse range of ventilation systems, grilles, louvres and diffusers which, coupled with its in-house expertise, have established it as the leading independent supplier of air movement solutions in the UK.Family-owned, Gilberts has a 55 year pedigree in developing and manufacturing innovative air movement solutions. It is unique in its sector in its ability to design, engineer and supply its products with all processes undertaken in-house at its 85,000ft2 head office and manufacturing facility in Blackpool.

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