Premier Forest Products launches water repelling plywood


Premier Forest Products has launched a self-protecting structural plywood as part of its latest range of innovative new products, to save contractors time, money and effort.

Manufactured by leading European plywood manufacturer, Paged, DryGuard is made from thickply Polish Pine and its water repellent properties are ideal for use in roofs, floors, and walls



James Pickford, UK Purchasing Director, Premier Forest Group, said: “As a pine product, DryGuard is incredibly durable with superior mechanical qualities; it is easy to machine and fasten, and retains a high bending strength.

“DryGuard’s water-repelling treatment slows the absorption of water for up to 90 days, reducing drying time and delays with build.

“It can be fitted in any weather conditions, and because it offers protection from rain, it doesn’t get water damaged like standard plywood. This means DryGuard doesn’t need to be covered which avoids the need for false roofs, cutting down on labour and reducing material costs.”

DryGuard has been treated with an environmentally friendly, REACH compliant hydrophobic coating, to reduce rainwater absorption. However the material is permeable, still allowing the building to breathe to prevent damp and mould.

In addition, because DryGuard repels water, it retains its structural integrity and doesn’t warp, so the risk of remedial work is reduced, again saving contractors time, money and effort.

DryGuard has been rigorously tested by plywood specialists, Paged, and is compliant with the relevant EN standards, is REACH compliant, CE2+ certified and FSC® Certified.

Premier Forest Group is a vertically integrated timber operation engaged in the importation, sawmilling, processing, merchanting, and wholesale distribution of timber and timber products from its eight sites in the UK.


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