After a successful fully operational FAT at our factory in Barcelona with our client Box and Charnock, our pre-packaged Adisa boiler skid was precisely craned in to their Gresham Road project in Brixton, with only 15mm to spare. Gemtex provide off site fabricated plant room assemblies mounted on skid platforms. As well as all the benefits of offsite fabrication our boilers are ErP 2018 ready and meet the new class 6 NOx ratings.

Our skids and prefabricated solutions are manufactured in line with specific design requirements. Produced within the controlled environment of our factory in Barcelona, then delivered to site where they can be installed efficiently.

The Gemtex design team can assist you with the design phase at the start of your project so that your plant room is completely suited to the layout and requirements of the premises. We will also provide support for the commissioning and end user handover processes.

There are many benefits to purchasing plant room solutions in this way, including:

  • Assistance with the design phase
  • A fully customised layout to suit the constraints of your construction site
  • A plant room that is constructed in a clean environment that is free from dust and water, to ensure optimum performance
  • Significant labour savings, resulting in overall costs being reduced
  • All components are ordered through and delivered by one manufacturer
  • Delay-free construction, due to reduction in any potential onsite issues
  • Reduced health and safety risks, and less need for onsite hot work
  • A single delivery for all components, meaning a reduction in site traffic, congestion and therefore, carbon emissions
  • Skids will be witnessed tested in a fully operational condition on our factory test rig, and partially commissioned before delivery to save valuable time after installation
  • Various components are available to suit every design (filters, pumps, pressurisation units, tank alarms, etc.)

Efficient installation of your plant room

Gemtex will manage the construction of your skids and plant room solutions from start to finish. This will be carried out in line with our agreed schedule, which we will discuss with you before the project starts. By manufacturing the skids and other components, we make sure that your plant room is built to exact specifications. Once delivered to site it’s a simple case of connecting to the services for the buildings heating system.

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