Versatility, functionality, longevity and beauty were key factors for leading architectural practice RTKL to specify COMPAC’s technological marble for a state of the art shopping mall in Shanghai.

The shopping mall is part of the largest multi- transportation hub in the world integrating Hongqiao airport –Shanghai’s second international airport with high speed rail, metro stations and road networks.

COMPAC’s high performance technological marble in the distinguished Nacarado design was specified for over 9,000 sq metres of flooring to provide a cool to the touch hardwearing surface.

RTKL specified 600×600mm and 600×900mm tile formats each with a 20mm thickness to produce a stunning, modern contemporary look which perfectly complemented the aesthetic requirements of the building.

COMPAC have been able to create ‘technological marble’- an engineered stone composite which has the look and feel of natural marble but with properties that eradicate many of the problems associated with it.

Containing up to 96% natural marble mixed with resins, COMPAC’s technological marble has a hardness that is similar to marble but its resistance to impact and breakage is much greater owing to its enhanced flexibility.

COMPAC’s technological marble can also be polished, thus maintaining its shine and original appearance for much longer.

It can be used on kitchen and bathroom floors, walls, vanity tops, building façades, and staircases and on high footfall surfaces such as airports, shopping malls and public buildings.

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