Brand New Xterminator® Lite

Marflow Hydronics has launched a brand new Valve Set: Xterminator Lite®.

Xterminator Lite is the next generation 40mm centre assembly that works more ideally in today’s buildings and comes as a handy off the shelf solution.

The product development team at Marflow Hydronics has combined all their knowledge and understanding of valve sets to date with what they’ve learnt from customers to create a brand new assembly with great new features and associated fitting kits.

Not only is it smaller and more compact, it also comes in left and right handed versions. The handles are colour coded for ease of use, it has long levers and less leak paths, it’s suitable for vertical and horizontal coils, and it’s been designed so that interchangeability is simple.

Martin Lowe, Joint Managing Director, says, “After first developing the 40mm centre assembly in 2008, we’ve been constantly looking at real life situations in the field and we’ve been dedicated to making improvements wherever possible on our products. We’ve taken all the great features and benefits of the present valve set and have then added some brand new elements to the design to try and give our customers the best assembly we could.”

To find out more about Xterminator Lite go to and download the product brochure. Alternatively, contact Marflow Hydronics on 0845 643 9096 or email

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