Altro Aquarius™ has been used in a life-changing home adaptation to create a wet-room for Devon-based teenager Mya Bolt.

Despite enduring years of tests, Mya’s parents are no closer to a diagnosis. “If asked, we call her ‘a unique’ and she certainly is, in every way. She’s a very happy, giggly girl, who loves music, make-up and wearing pretty clothes,” says her mother, Claire. “But she also needs total support with self-care, is non-verbal and has severe learning disabilities and poor mobility.

“We have accepted we may never have a specific name for her condition, she is just a very special girl, but it does makes it hard to plan for her future, as we have no idea what to expect,” explains Claire.

It was with her future in mind that Claire and her father Bert decided to convert their dining room into a level-access wet-room. “The older and bigger Mya got, the harder it was to get her upstairs to the bathroom,” says Claire. And, with no ground floor toilet, Mya had no choice but to use a commode in the living room.

Bathing was also becoming increasingly stressful with Claire often getting wetter than Mya and the physical task of lifting her in and out was becoming progressively harder. “It was clear she needed a way to achieve more independence. So when our Occupational Therapist suggested a shower-toilet, I knew it was the perfect solution,” says Claire.

Turning a dining room into a wet-room wasn’t an easy task. Located on the opposite side of the house to the soil pipe and sewage system, Bert had to hire a digger and excavate a whole new sewage network around three sides of the property. A new wall was installed to create a hallway past the bathroom, connecting it to what will eventually become Mya’s downstairs bedroom, and the rest of the family home.

Not knowing how Mya’s condition would develop, the Bolts decided to design the new wet-room with their worst-case scenario in mind – total wheelchair dependence. In addition to sanitaryware that accommodates Mya’s needs, for superior grip, Claire selected Altro’s Aquarius safety flooring. “I did consider regular tiles but we stayed in a hotel with Altro and the grip is just incomparable, plus it comes in lovely colours,” explains Claire. It runs straight into the shower space, and up the walls, effectively tanking the entire room.

Altro Aquarius was ideal as it is a specialist safety flooring developed for lasting performance in shoes or barefoot. Achieving Class B to DIN 51097 for barefoot use, plus PTV ≥50 (Slider 96), it provides optimum lifetime sustained slip resistance in wet and dry environments. The range features plain and tonal chip options to help you achieve high contrast and design flexibility. It has been extensively tested with a variety of shoes and contaminants to ensure top performance in high-risk environments. It’s also easy to clean, making it ideal for home adaptations.

While every element was planned to ensure Mya never outgrows her new bathroom, Claire is delighted to report that her dream of giving her daughter dignity and independence has come true. “This whole project really has been life changing for Mya, and our whole family.”

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