As part of its ongoing commitment to keeping up to carbon neutral standards, XL Joinery, the market-leading supplier of doors and associated products, has announced its support of three inspiring projects throughout 2020. The projects were chosen as a result of a staff vote at the company’s head office.


The first project chosen was the Borehole Rehabilitation Project, which helps ensure safe supplies of clean drinking water for local communities in Uganda. The support will help the project identify and repair broken boreholes, thereby lowering the risk of disease by providing clean drinking water. The need for fuel is also lessened as water does not need to be boiled before consumption.


XL Joinery will also be supporting the Nanyang Dajing River Solar Cooker Project in China which helps replace 50,000 stoves in the Nanyang region with clean solar cookers. This simultaneously builds a better quality of life for the local community and lessens the impact on the environment.


Finally, staff voted to continue support of the Mariposas Hydroelectric Power Project which recycles the unclean waters of the Maule Norte Alto canal in order to generate electricity, replacing traditional gas or coal.


David Crossley, Head of the Carbon Neutral team at XL Joinery, commented: “We are so proud to be supporting these projects that not only help to combat climate change and also people who are most at risk. Sustainability is at the forefront of our business and we will continue to pave the way for sustainable business practices in the future.”


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